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Remote Work

Remote Work Round-Up

Dec. 14 2017

While the debate for (or against) the importance of "water-cooler talk" continues to plague offices worldwide- one company has actually re-written their handbook to ensure their employees have time for socialization scheduled into their G-Cals.


When people stopped showing up to their shared office space in San Francisco, GitLab decided to become a completely remote company- "virtually home" to 200 employees spanning 39 different countries. After learning how detrimental face-to-face interaction is to avoid burnout and isolation, they decided to implement something most companies would gawk at- the "virtual coffee break".

"We encourage team members to dedicate a few hours every week to these calls, which is roughly comparable to the time someone working in an office might spend chatting while walking to meetings, grabbing coffee in the break room, or having lunch together in person."

When you think about it, they couldn't be more right. So many ideas are sparked when you least expect it (like on the walk to your car at night or when you're grabbing a quick snack) and companies like GitLab aren't willing to sacrifice that innovation for a few more "work" hours.

Luckily for you, not only is GitLab hiring, but here are ten more awesome remote jobs we think you'll be excited about applying to! Head over to our Jobs page for even more openings.

Doist - Front-end Developer (Remote)

Harvest - HR Lead (Remote)

Help Scout - Java Engineer (Solr) (Remote)

Itavio - Systems Developer (Remote) - Technical Support Superstar (Remote)

Pressable - Outbound Sales Executive (Remote)

Tripcents - Lead iOS Developer (Remote)

Welthy Inc. - Part Time Virtual Care Coordinator (Remote)

Wikimedia Foundation - Senior UX Designer (Remote)

Zapier - Data Analyst (Remote)

Katharine Zaleski's Blog

Sexual Harassment: It's All About Power (Duh).

Two pieces that summarize this painfully obvious argument.

Today I want to write about power, and how the very imbalance of power at work between genders is what's at the core of the sexual harassment stories coming out. At PowerToFly (plug!) we've been trying to fix that imbalance for over three years. Perhaps our jobs will get easier now that people are waking up to how inequality rots out our institutions and drives away women's voices.

Two pieces I read yesterday, one from Rebecca Traister and another from my friend Katherine Goldstein, clarify this argument really well. Katherine's piece also shares how we can create workplaces that truly support women. I urge you to read it all.

This Moment Isn’t (Just) About Sex. It’s Really About Work - Rebecca Traister

..."that this is not, at its heart, about sex at all — or at least not wholly. What it's really about is work, and women's equality in the workplace, and more broadly, about the rot at the core of our power structures that makes it harder for women to do work because the whole thing is tipped toward men."

The News Industry Has a Sexual Harassment Problem. #NowWhat? - Katharine Goldstein

"The issue facing journalism is not simply about preventing sexual harassment; it's about also acknowledging that this behavior is often a part of a sexist and unequal work environment. Newsroom cultures need to change in ways that both stop sexual harassment and foster supportive work environments for women."

Companies That Care

Better Jobs with Companies that Care

Dec. 13 2017

Hanukkah has officially started, there are 12 days until Christmas and 13 until Kwanzaa… where has the time gone?! While you've been shopping, getting ready to host friends and family for the holidays, and, y'know, working, we've been saving some of our best content for last - and we couldn't me more excited to share it with you. It's been a crazy week for us- two webinars and one live event in Phoenix; we hope that you had a chance to participate in at least one event, and if not, we have your chance to catch up and soak in just a bit more knowledge and networking before 2018 begins. We've also been adding jobs like crazy to our jobs page (is there a better gift than a new job with a company that cares?!) and encourage you to try out our new "follow company" feature which will keep you in-the-know of any and all updates and events from a particular company. Now party on!


Paperless Post invites you to join a team that's reimagining invitations through design and technology, helping people connect at life's most memorable moments. They understand the importance of a good work life balance, in fact - it's their mission; helping to bring people together to spend some qt in real life. Thriving off diversity of talent, experience and most importantly, coffee, Paperless Post has the perfect ecosystem for any employee to flourish.

For more choice opportunities with companies that care, check out our jobs page, or see below.

Addepar - Platform Engineer (Mountain View, CA)

Avant - Frontend Software Engineer (Chicago, IL)

Bloomberg LP - Developer Experience Hosted Services Engineer (New York, NY)

CB Insights - Customer Success Manager (New York, NY)

Dow Jones & Company - Application Architect (New York, United States)

General Assembly - UXDI Instructor (New York, NY)

Goldman, Sachs, & CO - Software Developer: Java or C++ or Python (NY, NJ, TX, UT)

Hearst Digital Media - Software Engineer (New York, NY)

HearstLab - DevOps (New York, NY)

HomeAway - Senior Revenue Management Analyst (Austin, TX)

Time Inc. - Product Manager (NY, United States)

United Technologies Corporation - RF Design Engineer (Vergennes, VT)

Viacom Inc. - Product Director - Nickelodeon (New York, NY)

Work-Life Integration

The Female Technophile Gift Guide

Dec. 12 2017

We've all been there… waiting in what seems to be the longest line of all time for buy-three-get-three Bath and Body Works soaps, stressing over which gift basket to get for your extremely picky friend, and waking up at 3 am to possibly grab a "Hatchimal" for your niece/ nephew on Amazon (which never works out for the best - all that sleep deprivation with nothing to show for it but brand new wrinkles).

But what about us?! For years we've put ourselves last, and truly embodied the spirit of giving, sacrificing both our time and our paychecks to make sure our families and friends have the best holiday possible.

After polling some of our team and women from our inspiring-and-inspired Facebook group, we've compiled a wish list of items we think any woman in tech would truly love to receive this holiday.

For the Stocking:

1. Leaders Eat Last $13 (Amazon)

This book comes highly recommended from our team and is the perfect read for anyone looking to better themselves as a leader and learn to truly inspire their team from the ground up.

2. Programmer Mug $13.99 (Etsy)

There is no more personal (and functional) gift than a mug that really speaks to the recipient. Let your giftee know how much you appreciate their love of code with this unique gift that's sure to have them saying ["hip","hip"]!

Keeping it under $50:

3. Essential Oil Diffuser $25 (Amazon)

I don't think anyone is underestimating the stress holidays bring upon us. There is no better gift than a little R&R and this diffuser is one of our top picks for getting to that "happy place". Voted as the "Best Diffuser" by Wirecutter, you really can't go wrong!

4. Battery Iphone Case $37 (Amazon)

If your giftee attends a lot of networking events or conferences, they need one of these handy cases. Charge and protect your phone with a case that's built to last any occasion.

5. Tile Style $35 (

Remove "where did I put my keys" from your recipients lexicon with this awesome piece of technology. Attach the Tile to almost any object and track it right from your phone- they'll never lose anything again!

For those who have been REALLY good this year:

6. Heated Jacket $80 (The Warming Store)

For some of us, the winter is a brutal time- but with this gift it doesn't have to be. Check out these new electric jackets that will keep any winter-hater warm even in the coldest of days. (They appear to be all the rage this season as their almost sold out everywhere!)

7. RunPhones Wireless $100 (The Grommet)

Running in the cold with headphones is never fun. A headband with built-in headphones couldn't be a better gift for the outdoor runner in your life!

8. Standing Desk $395 (Veridesk)

Reducing seat-time is great for physical, mental, and even emotional health. A standing desk is the perfect gift for anyone on your list (and they'll help kickstart your new year's resolution too!).

Are you as excited about this list as we are? Fear not! We've made it really easy to share this list with your partner too, just copy and paste this link to drop a not-so-subtle hit in their inbox… it's worth it: {}

Tech Talk

TBT- How Webrings, Blinkies, & Cliques Shaped Female Coders of Today

Dec. 7, 2017

Think back to the early 2000's, when our biggest concerns were who was going to fill that last spot in our Myspace top 8, whether we wanted music to automatically play when someone clicked our profile page, and who was going to feed our "cybunny" when we had to do our homework.

Little did we know, all that time we spent perfecting our profile pages was time actually spent learning to code. We started with webrings and table based layouts, found our own domains (that didn't require using our parent's credit cards) and joined communities with other teenage girls like ourselves who were happy to make custom GIF's in turn for some coding advice.

We were are pretty cool girls.

Melissa McEwen dives into all of these things and more in her blog post, "The teenage girl's internet of the early 2000s".

"They say the internet never forgets, but only fragments of my first website remain there. But it's enough to trace my path, from just fooling around by adding a cute background to my page to writing my first line of Javascript (honestly…it was to cheat at Neopets). It's kind of surreal because that entire subculture of hobby web development I was part of back then was entirely teenage girls. It's like boys didn't even exist except to sometimes blog about or post about on the BBS."

While the days of Neopets, Myspace, and Xanga may be over, there are still some really cool resources for our girls to learn similar coding practices but with a 2017 twist. Check out these cool Jewelbots, Goldie Blox toys, or local Girls Who Code program (better yet, start your own)!
Better Companies

Remote Work Round-Up

Dec. 7, 2017

In the United States, the average daily commute is 25.5 minutes long and rising at a rapid pace. Think about the last time you left the office, only to see a sea of red taillights lights with no end in sight- can you feel your anxiety rising? Now you'll never get home with enough time to hit the gym AND make dinner, let alone watch that show you forgot to record (and will definitely miss).

It's not just anxiety that hurts employees with a long commute. A recent article written by Lydia Smith in Quartz exploits some shocking facts including the social isolation, decrease in physical health, and pay cut commuters face when choosing to add just 20 minutes to any commute.

"Commuting can be bad for our health, whether it's packed, delayed trains or mile-long traffic jams. It contributes to our anxiety, stress, and our waistlines. A recent study of British commuters found that even just a 20-minute increase in commute time is equivalent to getting a 19% pay cut for job satisfaction. Every extra minute spent traveling to and from work feels like a lifetime—and, unsurprisingly, increases strain on our wellbeing."

Luckily for you, we're highlighting ten companies who want to keep you out of the car, train, or bus, thanks to their remote work opportunities! Head over to our Jobs page for even more openings.

Complex Networks - Freelance Designer & Animator, Marketing (Remote) - Product Manager (Remote)

GitLab - Account Executive (East) (Remote)

HelpScout - DevOps Engineer (Remote)

Itavio - Mobile Application Developer (Remote)

Pressable - Concierge WordPress Engineer (Remote)

Sarah Keenan Creative - Social Media Manager (Remote)

Second Wind Consultants - Book Keeper (Remote)

Wikimedia Foundation - Senior UX Designer (Remote)

Zapier, Inc. - Support Manager (Remote- Western Hemisphere)

Oscar Insurance Corp

LA Women In Tech - Get Your Free Headshots + Meet The Oscar Team

On October 16th from 6-8pm we'll be at the Culver Hotel, talking all things tech and how engineers are revolutionizing health care.

Register here - spots are filling up fast!

That's right. Please join PowerToFly and Oscar Health on October 16th from 6-8pm, with a select group of women in tech, at the Culver Hotel to talk about how you can revolutionize health care with the team that's innovating one of America's biggest and most-talked about industries.

As an added bonus, photographer Patrick Ryland will be taking free headshots during the first 30 minutes of the event.

Oscar launched its New York HQ in 2012 and has since opened offices in Dallas, Tempe, and L.A.! This fall, Oscar is expanding the Engineering and Product teams in its L.A. office.

Join us and meet Engineers and Product Managers from Oscar to get the inside scoop on their platform and its challenges.

Light food and drinks will be served as you network with other women in tech and learn more about Oscar's national expansion.

We're looking forward to meeting you -

Oscar Health and The PowerToFly Team!


6:00pm: Check in and collect name tags

6:00pm -6:30pm: Free Headshots

6:40pm: Introduction to Oscar by Andrew Shults, Sr. Director of Engineering

6:50pm: Demonstration of of Oscar's products by Laamia Islam, Oscar Software Engineer

7:05pm: A look into Oscar's search services and how they combine tech with the human side of healthcare by Melanie Kambadur, Oscar Software Engineer

7:35pm: Network with other top women in your field and Oscar executives over light food and drinks