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Be A Star At Your Next Networking Event

In a world where we text more than we talk, networking face-to- has become more important than ever for personal and professional success. Sure, attending networking events can be nerve-racking, but stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to huge opportunities! Take it from PowerToFly community member Meg Duffy, who was randomly selected during a recent event to share her 30 second pitch in front of a large audience.

Nerve racking? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely, so that's why we are gearing up for more events at PowerToFly to put you in front of companies that care - see all that's happening here. Keep reading to see how you can hold a PowerToFly event in your city! And you can always become a PowerToFly VIP to get access to trainings on public speaking and more.
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Meet the Women of Microsoft

Meet some of the inspiring women of Microsoft living & working across the globe.

The Women's employee resource group at Microsoft is one of the largest at the company, reaching over 20k women globally. From volunteer programs to leadership summits, growing female talent is crucial to the success of Microsofts diverse team.

Take it from one of their own employees:

"The most important thing in life is to love what you do, and if you love what you do it's no longer a job."

You, too, can join the Microsoft team. See all available opportunities here, and make sure to follow Microsoft to stay up-to-date on future openings.


How One Woman Does Social Strategy (Remotely) At A Company That’s All About Privacy

Meet Lily Rouff- Social Strategist at DuckDuckGo

Lily Rouff is a social media strategist at DuckDuckGo, a search engine that doesn't track you. A feature that's been amplified in the wake of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal.. Lily, who was hired by DuckDuckGo through PowerToFly, took time to talk to us about how DuckDuckGo's fully remote team is working to block trackers and increase encryption protection so your information stays yours.

Visit DuckDuckGo's page on PowerToFly and click "follow" to receive updates about the company, including current and future open roles.

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Reimagining Inclusion at Deloitte

Connect. Belong. Grow.

The world is changing rapidly. The way we think about Inclusion has also changed. It's time to go further and think deeper, so that we all can connect, belong, and grow.

Deloitte want's you to join their diverse team and make a real difference in the world. Click here to see all available opportunities at Deloitte.

Companies That Care

Better Jobs With Companies That Care

Check Into Work From A Paraglider!?! This PowerToFly Member Did

Monalisa, who found her dream job as a Graphic Designer at Skillcrush via PowerToFly, literally flew through a meeting with her team this week. From a paraglider in Romania, Monalisa relayed that "she has no blockers and is getting a killer altitude bump from these thermals". Yeah, Monalisa is definitely working remotely.

From the sky, your couch, or a killer office space- there are a plethora of opportunities awaiting your application on our job board. What's the best way to stay updated on new jobs? Follow companies on PowerToFly. You'll be the first to receive exclusive job listings, company updates, and more!
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