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A Look at Our Evening With Oscar in LA for Women in Tech

All photos courtesy of Patrick Ryland Photography

On October 16th, 2017 a select group of women in tech met at the Culver Hotel to talk about how to revolutionize health care with the team that's innovating one of America's biggest and most-talked about industries, Oscar Health.

Check out the images below to see all the fun that was had and information learned.

Tech women of LA gather to hear Oscar Health speak.

Andrew Shults, Sr. Director of Engineering with Oscar Health, intros the speakers for the evening.

Laamia Islam, Oscar Software Engineer, demos the product.

Melanie Kambadur, Oscar Software Engineer, gives the audience a look into Oscar's search services and how they combine tech with the human side of healthcare.

Melanie answers questions from the audience.

More questions!

Tech women of LA have a chance to meet and mingle with each other...

...and have a chance to meet with the Oscar Health team.

The Oscar team made themselves available to all.

Some conversation at the bar.

Free t-shirts for all!

Remote Work

Remote Work Round-Up

October 19, 2017

Working remotely brings about loads of challenges, but one that is often ignored is how to cultivate leadership from a staff largely working from home?

Jody Greenstone Miller, CEO and co-founder of the Business Talent Group, recently wrote about this very topic on, with an article titled "How to Cultivate Remote Leaders".

In it, she writes:

"While positive on many levels, work fulfillment, which requires renewed challenges and growth, can be harder to ensure for remote workers. So how can we effectively manage remote workers and provide the mentoring and development to help them grow into real business leaders?

The good news is that many answers are already close at hand. In fact, you might say they've been waiting for us to appreciate them for years. That's because managing remote workers is a lot like managing your parents — they're mostly brilliant, sometimes frustrating and always full of potential."

Sound familiar?

Greenstone Miller recommends the following:

1. Schedule occasional face-to-face time

2. No micro-managing

3. Be trustworthy of others

4. Be frank, but use your best judgement

5. Encourage others to read & learn

6. Give space

Anything to add? Let us know on Twitter: @powertofly.

In the meantime, take a look below at some of our open remote opportunities. For even more available roles, head over to our Jobs page.

This week's curated list of remote jobs from the PowerToFly platform include:

Buffer - Android Developer (Remote)

Canonical Ltd. - Systems Reliability Engineer (Remote)

Etsy - Senior Android Engineer (Brooklyn, NY or Remote)

HelpScout - Senior iOS Engineer (Remote)

Plex - Software Engineer, Server (Remote)

SellerCrowd, Inc. - Growth Marketer (Remote)

Three Rescue Dogs - Ionic Mobile App Developer (Remote)

Tripcents - iOS Developer (Remote)

Wikimedia Foundation - Traffic Security Engineer (Remote)

Zapier, Inc. - Partner Marketing Specialist (Remote)

"The future depends on what you do today." - Mahatma Gandhi

Companies That Care

Better Jobs with Companies That Care

October 18, 2017

The tides are turning. We can feel it (and undoubtedly, you can too). Although we hate to see any woman (or human, for that matter) hurt, we can't help but feel the swell of pride knowing that change, REAL change, is finally on the horizon. But this is just the beginning of the journey to full equality. We know a tough road lies ahead. We're willing to stick it out, together, and be strong. Are you? We're here waiting for you, always.


General Assembly is hands-down one of the most innovative companies on the block today. A pioneer in the education and career-transformation space, General Assembly fosters a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love - including the professionals found within their own company. General Assembly supports their own employees by offering generous paid and parental leave, mentorship opportunities a-plenty and of course, free classes! Professional opportunities truly do not get much better than that.

For more choice opportunities with companies that care, see below. And you can peruse even more open roles on our Jobs page.

Addepar - Senior Product Designer, Enterprise (Mountain View, CA)

Amazon - Senior Data Engineer (Seattle, WA)

Avant - Technical Product Manager (Chicago, IL)

Bloomberg L.P. - Senior Software Engineer, Build Workflow (New York, NY)

Casper - Software Engineer (New York, NY)

CenturyLink - General Manager (U.S.)

Dow Jones & Company - Application Developer (New York, NY)

DuckDuckGo - Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote)

Goldman Sachs & Co. - Frontend Web Developer (NY, TX, IL, UT)

Hearst Newspapers - Frontend Developer (New York, NY)

Karat, Inc. - Operations Support Specialist, Weekends (Remote)

Shopify Plus - Product Manager (Waterloo, QC, Canada)

The Upside Travel Company - Design Director (Washington, D.C.)

Time Inc. - Senior Developer (SDEII), Brand Engineering (New York, NY)

Viacom Inc. - Senior Software Engineer, C++ (Hauppauge, NY)


This Sephora VP of Digital Product is Bringing Beauty Retail From the Store to Your Screen

To learn more about Sephora and their open roles, click here.

As consumers, the way we shop and the methods retailers use to engage us seem to evolve by the second. It's not enough just to have a picturesque print ad or snappy television commercial; both consumers and retailers are striving to connect in organic and exciting ways. Leading this evolution, there is no denying the innovative strides prestige retailers like Sephora have made in the science behind selling.

"Sephora isn't just a retailer," says Lucinda Newcomb, VP of Digital Product at Sephora. "We fundamentally believe technology can change the shape of the retail experience, and more importantly, be the critical unlock to make shopping more enjoyable for our clients. Whether it's browsing our powerful e-commerce channel, creating compelling social connectivity between like-minded clients, or memorable in store digital experiences."

In her five years with the company, Newcomb has led the way at Sephora in offering products and interactive solutions that consumers may have not known they even wanted. "I like to say 'Client Experience is Queen,' because we want to be where our clients want us to be before she gets there. We were early to Dotcom, early to Mobile, early to Store Digital… and we aren't stopping."

Recently, Sephora launched their groundbreaking (and extremely fun) Sephora Virtual Artist, which allows users to virtually try on makeup before they purchase it. Whether it is through client-facing mobile apps, in store innovations like Color IQ and Digital Makeover Guide or business tools ranging from analytics to personalization, Sephora is continuously looking towards the future and no one understands this better then Newcomb, who leads all Product Management. "My team is at the intersection of business and technology, defining, designing and delivering Sephora digital experiences that push the boundaries of retail. In other words, when our business partners dream up big ideas, like building a new online community, or launching a new mobile app, it is my team who turns that idea into a tangible client-facing design, then into a prioritized set of requirements, and then works with our developers to build and deliver it. We turn big ideas into reality. We look not just at what could we do, but figure out what should we do – and then go do it!"

Leading the industry in technological innovation isn't Sephora's only focus. The company is carving a path for workplace equality that has eluded many of its competitors. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about how Sephora not only hires more women in tech, but retains them. "I've been in technology in some form or another for almost 25 years, so I have always been used to working with a lot of guys. At Sephora, our leadership team is led by incredibly smart, strong, successful women," says Newcomb.

For someone at the start of their career, Newcomb recommends finding a workplace culture that aligns to and amplifies your natural tendencies and values. "It wasn't until I joined Sephora that I learned how big an amplifier culture can be in your personal and professional development. I've been immensely successful and enjoy working here in ways I've never found anywhere else. So, work with your strengths, not against them."


Exclusive: An Evening with Sephora's CIO and Women in Tech

Sephora's CIO and leadership team want to meet you!

Join us at Sephora's San Francisco headquarters for an exclusive, invite-only, event where you can learn about the tech behind one of the world's most influential women-focused brands.

Following an introduction by Sephora's CIO, Savio Thattil, you'll get the opportunity to look at some of the latest products Sephora is building and listen to a panel, moderated by PowerToFly's Co-Founder and President, Katharine Zaleski.

Afterwards, stick around to network with the other top women in your field who have been invited by PowerToFly and Sephora.

For more information, be sure to check out Sephora on PowerToFly.


6:00 pm – Check-In

6:30 pm – Opening Remarks by Savio Thattil, Sephora's CIO

6:45 pm – Product Demonstration

  • Johanna Markus, Sr. Director of the Sephora Innovation Lab will present some of Sephora's latest app developments and showcase their innovative Sephora Virtual Artist app, which allows users to create new looks in a 3D live experience.

7:00 pm – Panel Discussion on diversity, innovation and life at Sephora moderated by Katharine Zaleski and featuring representatives from Sephora including:

  • Wanda Ma, VP of Information Technology
  • Aruna Dasari, Director of IT Merchandising Systems
  • Rebecca Mathews, Director of Program Management Office
  • Prarthana Prasad, Senior Director of Quality Assurance

7:45 pm – Q&A with panelists

8:00 pm – Networking with other top women in your field and Sephora executives over light appetizers.

About our Events:

Everyone is welcome as long as you're interested in the subject matter and with us to create more inclusive and diverse environments. Want to learn more about PowerToFly and future events?

Create Your Free Profile.

United Technologies

Exclusive RE-EMPOWER Webinar on United Technologies’ Return to Work Program

Virtual Event

Are you looking to return to work after a career break? If so, the team at PowerToFly would like to invite you and a select group of engineers to an exclusive webinar to learn more about United Technologies exciting and innovative Re-Empower Program.

Experienced professionals sometimes take a career break for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Returning to work after an absence of two or more years can seem daunting. To help with this transition, United Technologies' Re-Empower Program is designed specifically to help you bring your knowledge, experience and creativity back to the workforce. We see your potential and want to help you to continue your professional journey.

To qualify for the Re-Empower Program, candidates should:

  • Be on a voluntary career break of two or more years
  • Have more than five years of professional work experience
  • Have an interest in returning to a full-time position
  • Have strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • For engineering roles, an engineering-related degree is required.

Find out how to apply for one of the many positions United Technologies has across the country. Along with a behind-the-scenes look at some of the many products United Technologiesis responsible for, the United Technologies team will leave time to answer questions about their culture, the workload and a full introduction into United Technologies' new Re-Empower program.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. J. Michael McQuade - SVP, Science & Technology, United Technologies (United Technologies Re-Empower Program Executive Sponsor)
  • Mary Lombardo - VP Innovation and Research, United Technologies Climate, Controls, and Security
  • Bridget Sheriff, Executive Director, Engineering, United Technologies Aerospace
  • Milena Berry - CEO, Co-founder & mom of four, PowerToFly (moderator)

Register now to claim a spot!

This event is invite only; contact our team through the event registration page to request access.

Time Inc

Meet Natacha Fernandez: Senior Software Engineer at Time Inc.

Apply to Time Inc. jobs here.

Meet Natacha, a senior software engineer at Time Inc. Natacha is self-taught, and has risen through the ranks to work on products reaching over 150 million people. You could be part of that, too.

Are you a senior fullstack (front-end leaning) developer in NYC (nodeJS would be great)? - We have a direct in with the hiring managers for the Brand Engineering SDEII role and can coach you throughout the process. Apply and drop us a line!

Oscar Insurance Corp

LA Women In Tech - Get Your Free Headshots + Meet The Oscar Team

On October 16th from 6-8pm we'll be at the Culver Hotel, talking all things tech and how engineers are revolutionizing health care.

Register here - spots are filling up fast!

That's right. Please join PowerToFly and Oscar Health on October 16th from 6-8pm, with a select group of women in tech, at the Culver Hotel to talk about how you can revolutionize health care with the team that's innovating one of America's biggest and most-talked about industries.

As an added bonus, photographer Patrick Ryland will be taking free headshots during the first 30 minutes of the event.

Oscar launched its New York HQ in 2012 and has since opened offices in Dallas, Tempe, and L.A.! This fall, Oscar is expanding the Engineering and Product teams in its L.A. office.

Join us and meet Engineers and Product Managers from Oscar to get the inside scoop on their platform and its challenges.

Light food and drinks will be served as you network with other women in tech and learn more about Oscar's national expansion.

We're looking forward to meeting you -

Oscar Health and The PowerToFly Team!


6:00pm: Check in and collect name tags

6:00pm -6:30pm: Free Headshots

6:40pm: Introduction to Oscar by Andrew Shults, Sr. Director of Engineering

6:50pm: Demonstration of of Oscar's products by Laamia Islam, Oscar Software Engineer

7:05pm: A look into Oscar's search services and how they combine tech with the human side of healthcare by Melanie Kambadur, Oscar Software Engineer

7:35pm: Network with other top women in your field and Oscar executives over light food and drinks

Calling All Senior Fullstack Women In NYC!!

PowerToFly is partnering with Time Inc. to connect with senior female engineers in NYC and find their future leaders.

If you are great with nodeJS and see yourself as a fullstack engineer but love frontend work, then you have what it takes to drive Time Inc. to the next level and we want to hear from you.

We have a direct line to the hiring managers at Time Inc. Brand Engineering and can help you get in the door.

It's really an amazing opportunity. Please email to connect directly, or go to PowerToFly to apply.

And if you want to learn more, this video tells the story of Time Inc.'s COO Jen Wong.