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Women at Work

14 Ways to Dress Chic And Retain Your Inner Geek

Getting dressed for the office can be hard, if not downright painful for many women. (Just me? No? Ok, let’s proceed).

So what’s a woman to do?

In honor of New York Fashion Week 2017, we present the (more useful) alternative: Geek Chic Fashion Week! Geek chic is defined as the fashion-forward style adopted by the tech crowd to express their culture and meet their needs. So whether you’re start-up bound or full-tilt corporate, on your first assignment of your career or your 8,917th, we’ve got you covered. Literally and figuratively.

Basic Black Standard

Dress it up with a tailored suit or dress it down with a casual blazer, t-shirt and funky shoes (Beat literature optional), basic black will never fail you, regardless of budget or body type.


Just One Of The Guys

Take a tip from the dudes (not of the grubby flannel / stained t-shirt variety, natch - Sean from QA, we’re looking at you!) and pair some menswear-inspired duds with tailored, feminine fits. Even Emma Stone sports this look - and if that’s not validation of being cool, then what is?


Show Some (Tasteful) Leg

Shorts needn’t be reserved for the summer heat or weekend errands. Throw some bold-colored tights on underneath and wear them year-round with a blazer and boots.


Keep It Casual (But Professional)

While Sean in QA aspires to keep the record for wearing a different superhero t-shirt every day without repeating, invest in some casual staples that can be worn in and out of the office. It’s ok if you repeat, just mix it up by seeking neutral colored garb.


Accessories Are Your Friends

Accessories may be the most confounding portion of your fashion-overhaul, but here, it’s the easiest to stay true to your inner-geek. Support your field (and those who power it) by choosing tech-friendly bags and wearables.


Now go out into the world, wear your confidence on your sleeve(s), and conquer! Let us know how you did - (pics or it didn’t happen).

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