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A Look Inside our Evening with Slack’s Women Sales Leaders

As a completely remote company, PowerToFly relies on Slack even more than email to connect our global team. That's why it was a thrill to partner with Slack to present an invite-only night for women in sales at one of their two New York City offices.

This completely sold-out event kicked off with a chance for guests to enjoy some refreshments as they networked with both the Slack team and their peers. PowerToFly CoFounder Katharine Zaleski kicked off the night and introduced Marina Milenkovic, Senior Solutions Engineer at Slack who delivered the official welcome and introduction. She discussed phrases like "hug the elephant in the room" and "tilt your umbrella" to describe Slack's culture, a culture that is full of respect and empathy and an environment that is open to address and tackle problems with the intent to find solutions and better each other. She also noted that she joined Slack because she LOVES the product, but ultimately stays at Slack because of the people.

Next, we heard from four women sales leaders at Slack in an honest and enlightening panel discussion, moderated by Katharine. Our panelists included:

  • Julie Maresca, Head of Enterprise Sales - East
  • Kathleen Faulkner, Sr. Account Executive
  • Lauren Oliphant, Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Gina Jacobson, Manager, Customer Success

Gina discussed Slack's approach to internal feedback:

I'm a huge proponent of real time feedback. We do formalized feedback, but I think the best feedback that you can get is in the moment from your peers and we really try to foster a culture where you're comfortable with one another to provide that.

The night concluded with more networking opportunities and a chance to enjoy delicious Slack branded treats!

Slack is hiring! Please visit their page on PowerToFly to learn more about their open roles.

A packed house at our event with Slack

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