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A New Type of Cybersecurity Company

Below is an article originally written by Chris Finan and published on March 9, 2021, in ActZeroAI's blog. Go to ActZeroAI's company page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

Today, we're launching ActZero, a new type of cybersecurity company whose mission is to make exceptional cybersecurity accessible to small and mid-sized enterprises. The need could not be more clear: Increasingly sophisticated attacks are targeting organizations of all sizes, leveraging nation-state sponsored vulnerabilities in widely used software and a Cambrian explosion of specialized attack tools and services. Criminal organizations around the globe are taking advantage of the weak software and available tools to conduct elaborate extortion rackets that hold data and manufacturing capabilities at risk, demanding companies pay exorbitant ransoms.

We've witnessed first-hand the impact these criminal activities have on small and mid-sized firms; the ones most vulnerable to advanced attacks. Organizations most affected are often family businesses, community hospitals, and utilities — the very services we rely on for healthy and prosperous societies. It's maddening. So we resolved to do something about it. But, we realized a new approach was necessary to be effective.

We needed to deliver security as an easy-to-consume service for these small companies. We needed skilled human threat hunters who could detect sophisticated new techniques. And we needed to empower our threat hunters to be as effective and efficient as possible given the scale of the threat. The answer became clear: This was an opportunity to innovate using artificial intelligence to enable more effective human analysis. So, we assembled a world-class R&D arm to build the artificial intelligence capability, and we found a team delivering cybersecurity with skilled threat hunters, IntelliGO Networks, who we acquired and integrated into one cohesive unit, singularly focused on this new mission.

Now that we've launched, the even tougher task begins — to continue innovating and improving our capabilities to keep organizations protected against attackers armed with increasingly sophisticated tools and software vulnerabilities to exploit. To paraphrase Churchill, 'today is not the end, but merely the end of the beginning' of our mission. Our ultimate goal is to get our customers to zero... zero breaches, zero threats, zero vulnerabilities, zero inadequate cybersecurity controls. We'll do this by continually investing to outpace the adversary across our technology, people and processes.

Cover More Ground

To learn more about, check out our product page. Or to see our MDR service in action, request a demo today.

ActZero is a cybersecurity startup that makes small- and mid-size businesses more secure by empowering teams to cover more ground with fewer internal resources. Our intelligent managed detection and response service provides 24/7 monitoring, protection and response support that goes well beyond other third-party software solutions. Our teams of data scientists leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML to scale resources, identify vulnerabilities and eliminate more threats in less time. We actively partner with our customers to drive security engineering, increase internal efficiencies and effectiveness and, ultimately, build a mature cybersecurity posture. Whether shoring up an existing security strategy or serving as the primary line of defense, ActZero enables business growth by empowering customers to cover more ground. For more information, visit


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