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Career and Interview Tips

Advice From Three Women At Very Different Career Stages

On Thursday April 14th, PowerToFly and LiveSafe partnered on a women in tech event called "Transforming Throughout Your Career: Getting In, and Staying In, Technology". With over fifty women in attendance and a panel of three women at different career stages -Carolyn Parent, CEO, LiveSafe; Yuriko Horvath, CTO, 1776 and Jen Abella, New QA for LiveSafe and Hearst Labs - we had a lively conversation on how women can get ahead no matter where they stand in an org structure.

We've summarized some of the best quotes and added photos from the evening taken by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Nikki Kahn (yeah it was a great group). And check our events page for future opportunities to join us.

On the most consistent action you can take to further your career:

Carolyn Parent, CEO of LiveSafe - Don't  be afraid to ask for more responsibility and articulate why. Consistently know what you want and articulate it to the right people. The executives are the same as you.  If you get in the elevator with the CEO, strike up a conversation.  If you want the next job, nail the job you have and come up with ideas for the next role. And always make sure other people know your results.  Don’t become the work wife who doesn't get credit.

On communicating effectively: 

Yuri Horvath, CTO of 1776 -Think about the person you are talking to and switch the message to make it how it will benefit the other person.

On overcoming imposter syndrome:

Jen Abella, QA at Hearst Labs (and PowerToFly member) - Every morning when I wake up I think what do I not know this morning that I will hopefully know by tonight.  I’m going to figure it out.

On the best questions to ask in an interview:

Carolyn Parent, CEO of LiveSafe - If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with your time? I like this question because if you are passionate and excited, the rest is going to take care of itself, and that will show in your answer.

Yuri Horvath, CTO of 1776 - Tell me something you’re really passionate about”

On getting ahead without being labelled as too aggressive (which by the way we like aggressive women):

Carolyn Parent, CEO of LiveSafe - Get defined roles and metrics from your boss or department and celebrate success.  Celebrate every win but define the goals at the beginning.  Make yourself the most qualified person to overachieve your metrics. We use to democratize praise at LiveSafe.

Yuri Horvath, CTO of 1776 -Have a culture of transparency and praise. We have a “Praise Channel” on Slack at 1776.

On staying on top of tech developments when you're not an engineer:

Carolyn Parent, CEO of LiveSafe - Surround yourself with people that are better than you in tech and know what you are good at.”


Panelists Carolyn Parent, CEO, LiveSafe; Yuriko Horvath, CTO, 1776 and Jen Abel, New QA for LiveSafe and Hearst Labs; and moderator Katharine Zaleski, CoFounder and President, PowerToFly. (Photo by Nikki Kahn)


Katharine moderates the panel. (Photo by Nikki Kahn)


A question from the back. (Photo by Nikki Kahn)


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