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American Express Company

An Inside Look at Our Event with American Express

On April 12th, PowerToFly partnered with American Express to present an exclusive evening for women in tech at Amex's gorgeous office in Sunrise, Florida. A great crowd turned out to hear a panel of American Express senior leadership, network with both Amex executives and their fellow women in tech and score a complimentary headshot.

  • The night kicked off with a keynote address by American Express VP, Technology Ileana Figueroa.
  • The audience was treated to insightful product demos from American Express team members Cheryl Duke, Elizabeth Herbert, and Donna Peters.
  • The centerpiece of the evening was a fireside chat with Licenia Rojas, a twenty-year veteran of American Express and their Senior Vice President and Unit CIO, Global Services Group.
  • Ileana then joined Cheryl Rico, VP and Unit CIO, Global Consumer Services Technology, and Dean Vocaturo, VP/GM, Network Engineering & Optimization for a panel and audience Q&A.

American Express is hiring. To learn more including their open roles, visit their page on PowerToFly and click "Follow."

Check out some photos from the event below!

All photos by Katherine Bianko / Bianko Photography

PowerToFly partnered with American Express to present an evening with their technology team at their office in Sunrise, Florida.

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