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"At Male-Dominated Events, It Can Go In Different Directions. Quiet Voices Can Get Lost."

"It was good to hear from women in games. To see how they got their start and what they were working on." —Damola Thompson, QA Engineer, 3D Artist

Instigating change comes at a high cost.

And I hope we can all agree that when it comes to instigating a more inclusive and diverse workplace, diversity in thought and leadership leads to a stellar ROI.

As Alice says in the video above, "At male-dominated events, it can go in different directions, and quiet voices can get lost. Tonight is a space where that didn't happen so much, and everyone was able to say what they wanted. I think you should definitely come to a PowerToFly event." - Alice Parsons, Illustrator.

We had a blast meeting everyone at our Zynga event in London. For those of you who couldn't make it, we've got great news -- > Zynga is hiring!

Jump to their page here to learn more, and apply to these roles:

  • 🎯Producer
  • 🎯Product Manager
  • 🎯User Acquisition Manager
  • 🎯Associate UX Designer
  • 🎯QA Engineer
  • 🎯Senior Product Manager
  • 🎯Marketing Artist
  • 🎯Product Manager
  • 🎯Technical Artist
  • 🎯Senior Data Scientist
  • 🎯HTML Developer
  • 🎯Motion Graphics Designer
  • 🎯Data Scientist
  • 🎯Software Engineer
  • 🎯Director of Design
  • 🎯And more!



  • 🌎 Austin
  • 🌎 Chicago
  • 🌎 Toronto
  • 🌎 San Francisco
  • 🌎 India
  • 🌎 And more!

➡️Zynga on PowerToFly.


#Zynga offers these extra #WorkPerks to help promote healthy #WorkLifeBalance:

  • Full medical, dental, vision benefits as well as life insurance.
  • Generous Paid Maternity/Paternity leave* Emergency childcare.
  • Health & Wellness programs.
  • Catered lunches and Zynga social programs.
  • Open Vacation Policy.
  • Flexible working hours on many teams.
  • Multiple office location possibilities.
  • Dog-friendly offices
  • Work with cool people!

#Zynga offers competitive pay, industry-leading perks and #benefits and as importantly an environment committed to success for all.

* 50% representation on the Zynga Board of Directors.

Diversity & Inclusion

How to Get Leadership Buy-In For Diversity Efforts

Tips from PowerToFly's Strategic Global Enterprise D&I executive, Dionna Smith-Keels

If you are someone who works in Diversity and Inclusion or is passionate about seeing more diversity in your company, you may feel overwhelmed about where to start. When it comes to D&I, the best place to start is at the top. If you really want the work you do to have an impact, you need to get leadership at your company to buy-in to diversity efforts.

Career Advice

From Chemical Engineer to Coding Bootcamp Grad to Software Engineer

How She Overcame Self-Doubt & Became a Full-Time Software Engineer at Quip

Have you ever dreamed of pivoting into the world of software engineering? Claire Johnson, a self-proclaimed chemistry nerd who landed a chemical engineering job straight out of college, certainly hadn't… that is, until she took her first programming class online at Stanford. Now she's a full-time software engineer at Quip, Salesforce's productivity platform. "I never would've thought that I would do this when I graduated college," she explains, laughing.


Experts Answer "Two People I Supervise Make More Money Than Me — What Should I Do?" + More

The Women at Work Podcast Shares Actionable Advice on Money, Working in a Male-Dominated Industry, and Finding a Sponsor

Recently I've noticed a bit of a trend (anecdotal evidence alert!) 🚨— I hear more and more folks asking for actionable advice.


What to Write in a Farewell Card to a Leaving Coworker: Quotes and Examples

For the boss you loved, the coworker you hated, and everyone in between

Two things are inevitable when someone leaves your team at work: there will be an abundance of sweet treats (I'm partial to those giant cookie cakes from the mall) and there will be a card passed around for everyone to scrawl the professional version of sweet nothings in. Depending on the "importance" of the person, you may get the bonus activities of farewell gifts and/or an all-team champagne toast.


A Night of Networking with Peloton’s Women Tech Leaders

If you are a New York based tech professional and you'd like to attend this event, please email your name and LinkedIn URL to

Whether you are a software engineer, fitness enthusiast or both, you won't want to miss PowerToFly's evening of product demos and networking with the women tech leaders and allies at Peloton.

Founded in 2012, Peloton brought top talent together in its Silicon Alley headquarters to create a new concept in fitness. In their words, "We loved cycling but had a hard time finding a workout that consistently fit our schedules, and our at-home workouts never felt quite up to par. So, we set out to create a world-class indoor cycling studio experience on your time, and in the comfort of your own home."

This event is your chance to hear directly from the women tech leaders and allies who make their revolutionary products like the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread and Peloton App possible. We'll be devoting a large portion of the event to taking your questions and I know the Peloton team wants to hear from you!

The unique evening will take place on Wednesday, February 12th from 6pm to 8:30pm at 125 W 25th Street.

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