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A Look at Audible's Game Night at this year's Grace Hopper Celebration

PowerToFly was proud to collaborate with Audible for a truly unique event during this year's always amazing Grace Hopper Celebration, held this year in sunny Houston.

After a long day at the conference, which this year received over 18,000 attendees, Audible's invite-only guests were taken by private shuttle to Audible's secret location - an event space transformed into the ultimate game night!

Ushered into a chic lounge, adorned with comfy couches and plush pillows (perfect after a long day at the conference), attendees had their pick of some of the all-time top board games (we're talking Candy Land, Operation, Cards Against Humanity) and a chance to mingle with their peers. This intimate and fun setting was just the right vibe after a long but fruitful day of keynote speeches and workshops.

Audible employees were on hand to network with attendees, share their own personal career journeys and answer any questions about life at Audible.

For those guests who still had some feeling in their feet, Audible brought out a funky and fun DJ to get the room moving. The centerpiece of the evening was a hilarious gameshow, featuring interactive custom built Jeopardy and Trivia featuring Alexa, created for this event by Audible tech leaders and providing attendees the chance to walk home with some sweet prizes.

When the night concluded, Audible's game night played host to over 130+ smart, badass women in tech at GHC, which is always a yearly highlight for us at PowerToFly. The event was truly memorable for the Audible team as well, as they found meeting such dynamic, future female leaders truly inspiring. All in all, this event was the perfect respite of fun at another amazing conference. For more information on careers with Audible, visit audiblecareers.com.

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