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Aurora Solar

Solar Sales: How to Effectively Engage & Communicate with Your Leads

Below is an article originally written by Jon Franke, and published on September 2, 2021. Go to Aurora Solar's company page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

Solar businesses spend so much time and effort generating leads, that when you get them you have to make sure you convert them to sales. Using techniques like engaging them effectively and communicating with them clearly can help you turn more of your leads into satisfied customers.

In conjunction with The Current, our weekly solar newsletter, we're dedicating September to helping you boost your solar sales. We'll have insights and recommendations from industry experts, and each week, we'll post resources that offer actionable advice to help lower your customer acquisition costs and improve your lead-to-sale process.

This week, we'll explore ways to lower your customer acquisition costs with behavioral insights and effective communication techniques.

Increase Solar Sales Success with the Diffusion of Innovations Theory: According to the Diffusion of Innovations Theory, the consumer's process for adopting an innovation occurs in five stages as a result of media communication and peer interactions. Find out where your lead is in the adoption stage and how you can best emphasize solar's advantages — no matter where they are on that path.

Solar Sales Insights from the Theory of Planned Behavior: Next, see how strategies like educating consumers by making them more aware of incentives like rebates, declining prices, and lease options, and using positive peer pressure can help convince them to adopt solar.

Solar and the Environment: Surprises from the Value-Belief-Norm Theory: The value-belief-norm theory (VBN) argues that pro-environmental behavior is driven by values — social altruism, concern for other humans, biospheric altruism (concern about other species and earth's biosphere), and more. For many solar contractors, this is not news. However, there are nuances to this connection. Being aware of the various factors at play and how they influence your prospects can help you make your sales and marketing efforts more effective and avoid the pitfalls of assumptions about what prospects value. Check out the whole article to learn more.

Common Residential Solar Myths and How to Overcome Them: Every solar installer is faced with customer objections on the way to closing that deal. Knowing how to address common objections — even if they're not based in fact — can turn a "no" into a "yes". See some common myths that solar customers have, and how you can use facts to turn them around.

Next up in our series, we'll look at how to tailor your communications to ensure you aren't missing out on referrals or interested leads. The techniques covered in this series will help you improve your proposals, make your sales techniques more effective, and lower your customer acquisition costs. In the meantime, to get more information about what's going on in the solar industry, subscribe to The Current.


How These Companies Are Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

According to a recent study, anti-Asian hate crimes have risen 150% since the pandemic started. But these acts of violence are not new — they are part of a much larger history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the U.S.

That makes celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (which was named a month-long celebration in May by Congress in 1992 "to coincide with two important milestones in Asian/Pacific American history: the arrival in the United States of the first Japanese immigrants on May 7, 1843 and contributions of Chinese workers to the building of the transcontinental railroad, completed May 10, 1869") this year all the more important.


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Only 4% of companies that say they value diversity consider disabilities. Even fewer include learning and thinking differences.

While neurodiversity is a concept that is gaining more awareness, many employers have still not fully grasped the importance (and benefits) of understanding neurodiversity and how to effectively incorporate and retain neurodivergent individuals in their organizations.


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Founded in 1989, Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15 and ends October 15. The four-week span over two calendar months may seem a bit odd, but it comes with good reason, as it covers independence anniversaries of several Latin American countries, as well as key celebrations in Hispanic and Latin communities. Apart from commemorating major holidays and historic milestones, this month honors the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans.

We asked some of our partner companies what they're doing to honor and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work this year, and we were inspired by the wide range of responses, from highlighting the impact that employees have in local communities to hosting fireside conversations on allyship to sharing performances and instruction of famous cultural dances.ot only are these companies honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, they're finding ways to spread positive change throughout the year. Here's what they're doing, in their own words:


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As part of our Corporate Circles: Inclusive Conversation Series, join PowerToFly's Global Director of DEI Sienna Brown and Global DEI Strategist & Trainer Zara Chaudary on Friday, October 1st from 12pm to 1:30pm Eastern for an interactive roundtable as we discuss and share the tools and mindset needed to create the office of the future in a post-pandemic world.

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