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Diversity & Inclusion

Recruiting Diverse Candidates:

Tips From Diversity Leaders at Microsoft, HomeAway, and Audible

I first learned about PowerToFly when my friend started at the company as a recruiter. She explained that PowerToFly networks underrepresented talent, especially women, into companies that are building diverse and inclusive environments. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

The idea of "diversity recruiting" had always been somewhat vague and nebulous to me - how did companies go about it in a way that was genuine, thoughtful, and effective? Was that even possible?

Now working at PowerToFly myself, I've gotten an inside look at what strategies are successful for us (and our partners) in recruiting diverse candidates.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Training: Tips & Resources

So you want to run a diversity training program in your office. Great - willpower is half the battle.

But any fan of the U.S. version of The Office knows what a terrible turn diversity training can take if it's run without the right resources (or the right people).

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For Employers

Gender Neutral Language in the Workplace

Why It Matters & 3 Tips for Getting Started

I've found that requests for gender neutral or inclusive language are often met with eye rolls. And not just from men.

I should know - as a college sophomore, I rolled my eyes big time when my Psychology of Gender professor said that using terms like "mankind" helped to sustain gender inequality. I still have my notes to prove it: "Obviously mankind refers to men and women." It wasn't until she had us engage in a brief thought experiment that I really understood her point.

It was simple: what do you picture when you think of "man" discovering fire?

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Diversity & Inclusion

How to Improve Company Culture Today

Company culture is more than just a word that sounds nice in HR pamphlets. Today it's a fundamental measure of an organization's success, especially in a tight labor market where employers are having to put in even more effort to attract and retain top talent.

When a company's culture is healthy and positive, you can feel it: employees seem excited about the company and its mission, take a collaborative approach to problem solving, and feel invested in where the company is headed. When company culture is toxic, it tends to breed feelings of distrust, dissatisfaction and a lack of motivation throughout the organization.

With a New Year fast approaching, our friends at Comparably took a look at some of the best ways business leaders can boost company culture right now.

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