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Your Earning Potential is no Secret at PwC

Feb. 8th 2018

It's no secret that one of the most stressful parts of finding a new job is weighing the pros and cons of the benefits and compensation package. Pay can be a tricky thing to fully grasp, especially when there are so many facets to one single number- how does anyone actually know what their full earning potential is when they sign that contract?!

Say goodbye to compensation stress when you join the PricewaterhouseCoopers team. From day one the team at PwC provides information around how their compensation is determined and will continue an open and honest conversation about your earning potential throughout your career at PwC. Aside from a base salary, PwC provides the opportunity for an annual performance bonus and additional monetary rewards throughout ones career- who can say no to that?!

Are you ready to build a career in a rapidly changing world with a team that's more than excited to have you onboard and ready to compensate you fairly? Take a look at the two openings below, and be sure to follow PwC on PowerToFly to receive updates tailored to your interests!

Innovation & Technology DevOps Engineer at PwC

PwC is looking for someone to plan, deploy, and support multiple applications across our working environments. Daily, the team utilizes best practices to assure smooth application integration across the Innovation team’s entire architecture, as well as research, design, and prototype new solutions to facilitate application growth.

Location: Tampa (FL)

Employment Type: Full Time

Experience: Senior

Required Skills: SSH Cloud, Database Architecture, Relational Databases, NoSQL, Linux

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with various data stores to include SQL, NO-SQL and distributed filesystem storage
  • Experimenting with Big Data tools and open source technologies as well as research 3rd party technologies
  • Participating in release planning
  • Maintaining and assuring uptime of containerized applications in hosted environments
  • Monitoring service trends to identify opportunities for improvements with existing frameworks, tools, and processes
  • Auditing and improving system metrics and alarms.

Knowledge and Experience Needed:

  • Minimum Year(s) of Experience: 3 years of Linux system administration or dev ops experience.
  • Minimum Degree Required: Bachelor's degree in one of the following: Accounting, Finance/Economics, Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Business Administration, Statistics Mathematics, Regulatory Compliance, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and/or other business field of study.
  • Degree Preferred: Master's degree in Computer Science, or other technical related field.

Apply to the Innovation & Technology DevOps Engineer position here.

Innovation & Technology Director of Software Engineering at PwC

PwC is looking for someone to help develop capabilities leveraging the latest in Open Source technologies to automate and accelerate their client engagements across the enterprise. They are focused on incorporating the latest in machine learning, Big Data, NoSQL, cutting edge development languages, and advanced data processing techniques to include structured and unstructured information in a loosely coupled ecosystem delivering a technology platform that positions PwC for the future.

Location: Tampa (FL)

Employment Type: Full Time

Experience: Senior

Required Skills: Big Data, Machine Learning, Development, Linux Database, Architecture, Leadership

Responsibilities include:

  • Works with various data stores to include SQL, NO-SQL and distributed file system storage
  • Develop and integrate capabilities across APIs with back-end services written in one or more languages, e.g. Java, Scala, REST, etc.
  • Support development of user web applications written in the latest Javascript technologies
  • Experiment with Big Data tools and open source technologies as well as research 3rd party technologies

Knowledge and Experience Needed:

  • Minimum Year(s) of Experience: 10 of software development and architecture experience.
  • Minimum Degree Required: Bachelor's degree or 7 or more years in enterprise software architecture design and experience leading teams.
  • Degree Preferred: Master's degree in Computer Science, or other related technical field.
  • Use communication skills to effectively and efficiently translate business requirements into technical specifications and test cases;
  • Develop strategies and road maps with IT architecture focus;
  • Lead developers code using object oriented design, implementation and maturation to take advantage of the language feature sets;
  • Assess and review code to establish it is efficient code which is concise and best utilizes system resources which can become constrained in a big data environment;
  • Refine requirements, self-identify solutions and communicate to the team;
  • Lead development of web applications to include HTML, javascript, Angular 2.0, Redux, and CSS;
  • Use pattern match, regex creation and approach to decompose unstructured text; and,
  • Utilize enterprise BPMN tools for orchestration of services and workflows.
  • Use leadership skills to engage with stakeholders, technology specialists and account managers;

Apply to the Innovation & Technology Director of Software Engineering position here.


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Don't feel the pressure, your children, partner and pets are welcome to join this virtual chat!

Join us for this live Q&A to learn new tips, strategies, and hear personal anecdotes from our panelists that have shaped these women into the incredible founders and mothers they are today. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during our free, virtual conversation and have the chance to snag a giveaway sponsored by PowerToFly and our panelists!

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Amy Henderson, Founding CEO of TendLab

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