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Gainsight, Inc.

"Taking a Human-First Approach at a Global Organization"

PowerToFly was excited to recently partner with leaders at Gainsight to present the live chat entitled "Taking a Human-First Approach at a Global Organization." Please click here to view a recording of the chat.

Here is additional information about the discussion:

No one likes a vain teammate or leader. Whether it's abuse of influence, knowledge or power, there are many underlying negative characteristics that could be impacting your team (or organizations) performance. Even more so, many people are crippled by these characteristics, and lose the drive and persistence that got them into their position in the first place. For some, they may not even realize these statements relate to them - that's where this chat comes in. Human-first Leadership is an initiative at Gainsight born out of our purpose, "To be living proof that you can win in business by being human-first."

My introduction to the subject, first, as a contributor to the design of the program and then, as one of the early stage participants and facilitators of the program opened me to something very basic and yet, so profound - we deal with humans! It's so easy to forget a human-first approach when you're dealing with issues, challenges, business problems, national interests and more. But at the core, we are all humans with needs, wants, feelings. It's only when you become aware of this simple fact you can use this approach to become a better friend, colleague, and ultimately leader!


Harika Velaga

A seasoned and well-rounded Global Human Resources professional with experience of over a decade and half in a wide range of functions which include IT recruitment, Competency Management, Compensation and Benefits administration, and HR Business Partner.

As an innovative thinker, and a fearless experimenter, she brings in unconventional and non-traditional approaches to attracting and hiring talent.

Harika demonstrates a pluralistic world view and is completely at ease in a multicultural environment.

Sanjay Ratha

Sanjay brings in a plethora of experiences from over 2 and a half decades of working in multiple organizations donning multiple roles.

He demonstrates a holistic understanding of the Human element at work through his experience of a diverse mix of professional roles spread across Human Resource Management, Project Management, Product Management, e-Governance consulting and Advertising & Marketing through various engagements and assignments.

Sanjay strongly believes in an ethical and value-based approach to solutions and interventions.

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