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A Look at Our Recent Event with Helix

PowerToFly recently teamed up with Helix to present an exclusive event for Bay Area-based women in tech on June 14th.

Helix's mission is simple: empower every person to improve their life through DNA. The Helix team includes scientists, engineers, designers, marketers and more, working across two offices to solve complex challenges locked within the human genome. Helix is home to a host of products that can help you determine anything from your ancestry to the fitness regiment that's best for you and can even offer personalized wine recommendations based on your DNA!

Helix recently closed a Series B funding round, acquired Denver-based app development company HumanCode, and added several C-Suite leaders to its executive team. With total funding of over $300 million, the company has offices in San Carlos, San Diego, San Francisco, and Denver.

Our June 14th event was hosted at Helix's beautiful office in San Carlos where guests networked over food and drinks before the night formally kicked off. The evening began with a keynote address by Helix CEO Robin Thurston, a proud male ally for workplace diversity. Our MC for the night was Helix's Chief Marketing Officer Deena Bahri who then handed the mic over to Senior Scientist Sharon Briggs and Engineering Manager Anupreet Walia for a product demo. Sharon explained the science behind Helix's product while Anupreet dived deeper into the tech behind their platform. Following the product demo, Director of Product Management, Lab Platforms Sharoni Jacobs joined Sharon, Anupreet and Deena for a panel discussion and audience Q&A. The evening concluded with more networking and while each guest exited, they were gifted a stylish Helix notebook.

Helix is hiring! If you are interested in learning more about Helix, including their top-notch benefits including 401(k) with employer matching, commuter benefits, catered meals and flexible PTO, than visit their page on PowerToFly and click "follow".

All photos by Tina Case Photography.

Guests had plenty of time to network before the presentations began

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In 2020, the organization filed paperwork that shifted Women in Big Data from grassroots to non-profit, expanding funding capabilities and laying a foundation for a new mission. The founders realized that, as important as inspiration and connection are, their ability to move the needle on a future in which gender and resources don't limit equitable participation is finite. A new mission was outlined to cultivate tangible opportunities; unlock latent potential, act as a catalyst for advancement, and empower equity allies of any gender.

Women in Big Data is an inclusive community who appreciate that, in the broadest sense, big data is a tool being harnessed at every level, in every industry today, to shape tomorrow. Broader diversity among leaders and practitioners will improve the use and function of big data, ensuring a future that's better for all of us.


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