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How These 12 Companies Are Celebrating International Women's Day

It's been 109 years since the first International Women's Day, and since then, the day has become an annual call to action for gender parity. From marches and protests to advocacy and awareness campaigns, the day is an opportunity to celebrate women's achievements and continue the fight for gender equality across the globe.

As this powerful tradition and movement has continued for over a century, companies have found ways to celebrate both International Women's Day and Women's History Month by supporting and giving a platform to the women on their teams.

We wanted to showcase some of the ways our partner companies are living this year's theme of "an equal world is an enabled world" out loud. Read on to learn how they're celebrating and elevating women's voices, today, this month, and all year round:

1. Panel Discussion + Public Displays of Appreciation & Solidarity — Procore

Some of Procore's Employees Wearing Purple Hats to Celebrate IWD

"From Sydney to London, Austin to Toronto, Procore offices across the globe will be hosting celebrations honoring the achievements of Procore's hardworking women workforce. We're kicking off the month with a global panel discussion hosted by senior leaders on the importance of building inclusivity and being better allies to up-level our entire organization. We're also doing a month-long "post-it wall" where Procore employees share notes of appreciation for their colleagues, or pay homage to the women who inspire and impact them most. We'll commemorate International Women's Day together, wearing purple as a display of solidarity, a community of equality and inclusion."

Learn more about Procore and their open positions here.

2. Hosting a "Women in Cyber" Symposium — Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac's Women ERG Group Workshop

"Our Women's Interactive Network (WIN) employee resource group is hosting programs and activities throughout Women's History Month to empower and support women in their professional endeavors. The month kicks off with a 'Uniting Women in Cyber' symposium where dynamic women speakers will explore topics around retention, recruitment and acquisition of talent in the cyber arena. Later in the month, our 'Keynote Day,' featuring leadership coach Jacqueline Baker, will set the tone for embracing leadership at every level and empowering teams with actionable steps for personal, professional and organizational success."

Learn more about Freddie Mac and their open positions here.

3. Hosting a 'How I Got My Job' Panel for Women Engineers — OneLogin 

"OneLogin is proud to support International Women's Day! We are hosting our first annual celebration to honor the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

OneLogin has also hosted Hackbright's career fair, a women's only coding bootcamp, in 2020 and will also host their 'How I got my Job' panel this month to help female engineers by providing insight about what their career transition was like. It also gives graduates knowledge on the interview process and how to land their first role."

Learn more about OneLogin and their open positions here.

4. A Week's Worth of Talks, Workshops, and Networking Events — Zynga

Zynga's ERG Group Women At Zynga (WAZ)

"Zynga is proud to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) with a week of events across our international studios. Women At Zynga (WAZ), one of the company's employee resource groups has coordinated a series of talks, workshops, networking events, makers fair, design competitions and a live-stream of the Girl Geek X conference for employees to gather, support and empower each other across departments. For IWD on Sunday, March 8th, WAZ is taking over the @LifeAtZynga Instagram channel to highlight female employees and their support for this year's theme, #EachForEqual."

Learn more about Zynga and their open positions here.

5. Facilitating #IamRemarkable Workshops  — Kin + Carta

Some of the Kin + Carta Women

"Kin + Carta has recently invested in a global initiative to enhance our Inclusion and Diversity efforts, with the aim of helping all communities feel like they can bring their whole selves to work. International Women's Day is our first big collective effort not only to celebrate our women, but to give something back that helps more of our women progress to the top. We have trained-up facilitators across all of our offices to host #IamRemarkable workshops throughout the day. In addition to the workshops, we've opened up a forum for anyone to share who they feel is remarkable to celebrate our women who are doing great things daily."

Learn more about Kin + Carta and their open positions here.

6. Hosting a Panel Discussion — Greenhouse Software 

Greenhouse Women Grow ERG and guest Brandi Boatner discussing imposter syndrome and covering during Black History Month

"Greenhouse is excited to celebrate International Women's Month by uplifting the incredible women in our organization. Our Women Grow ERG group will be hosting a panel with our Director of DE&I - Jamie Adasi, Vice President of Professional Services - Kristina Nieves, and CMO Carin Van Vuuren. We look forward to uniting our New York City, Denver, San Francisco, Dublin, and Distributed employees to share our experiences and learnings as women and allies in the Tech industry!"

Learn more about Greenhouse Software and their open positions here.

7. LinkedIn Recommendations Room – Quip

Some of Quip's Team Members

"On Wednesday March 11 from 11:30am-1:30pm, Quip has reserved a room in their HQ office for people to stop by and support our women colleagues by writing LinkedIn recommendations for them. The room will serve as a space for us to take a break from our busy schedules and dedicate whatever time we can to support women in the workplace. This was planned by Quip's 'International Women's Day Celebration Committee.' A few members of the committee are pictured below."

Learn more about Quip and their open positions here.

8. Mentoring, Coaching and Networking Sessions — Vrbo

Women in Leadership Event at Vrbo

"This year, Vrbo is celebrating International Women's Day by hosting a speed mentoring, coaching and networking session, distributing an employee newsletter highlighting local Women's Day events, and changing the color of our office building logos to purple. During the month of March, we'll also be displaying information about influential women throughout history on electronic wallboards and leaving heartfelt and inspirational messages in wellness rooms throughout our offices. Vrbo also has an active women's inclusion business group dedicated to mentoring and networking opportunities, providing educational resources, and partnering with community groups for outreach events throughout the year."

Learn more about Vbro and their open positions here.

9. Highlighting Employees Who Fight for a Gender Equal World — Invesco

Graphic of Invesco #EachforEqual Campaign

"The Invesco Women's Network is celebrating International Women's Day and Women's History Month throughout the month of March, with events at Invesco office locations. On our websites, we will feature employees who exemplify the #EachForEqual theme. Each For Equal is a way of recognizing people who are challenging stereotypes, fighting bias, broadening perceptions, improving situations and celebrating women's achievements. Together, we can help create a more gender equal world."

Learn more about Invesco and their open positions here.

10. Hosting Conferences Internationally — Dell Technologies

Some of Dell Technologies' Team at #ProgressMadeReal Event

"Dell Technologies' Women in Action Employee Resource Groups will be celebrating International Women's Day with internal conferences around the globe. Each chapter will host localized events with informative sessions and guest speakers from both inside and outside the company. This format was recognized as a best practice by the global International Women's Day organizers last year. In addition to internal events, the company's EVP and Chief Customer Officer, Karen Quintos, will ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange in honor of the day. Watch for headlines and social media posts about Dell's jam-packed week of festivities."

Learn more about Dell Technologies and their open positions here.

11. Sharing Women's Stories with a Book Giveaway — Guru Technologies

Panel Event for Guru's Employee Resource Group Guru Gals

"In celebration of International Women's day Guru aims to share the stories of women by offering each employee a free book from a short-list put together by Guru Gals, our Employee Resource Group for women at Guru. Last year's list included titles such as Code Girls by Liza Mundy and When Everything Changed by Gail Collins. Our team is encouraged to select a book for themselves or to pass on to a friend or family member, so we are sure to include children's titles as well. The hope is that these reads inspire thoughtful conversations and lead to deeper understanding."

Learn more about Guru Technologies and their open positions here.

12. Creating Visibility & Supporting Women in STEM – Elastic

"In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, Elastic will be participating in the #EachForEqual campaign, encouraging employees across the world to share what #EachForEqual means to them and how they are, as individuals, supporting gender equality initiatives in their own communities. Additionally, we will be publishing a blog that highlights projects we've supported that impact gender equality, from policies to tech community partnerships and more. Elastic will also provide a 200% giving match to STEM organizations, launching on Pi Day (March 14th) and running until the end of March. Although this is not exclusively for women, many of the organizations we've supported historically are promoting women in technology like Django Girls and Girlstart."

Learn more about Elastic and their open positions here.


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