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Interview With Engineering Hiring Managers: Go-To Questions And How To Best Prepare

đź’Ž Prepare for your interview with engineering hiring managers using some actual examples of go-to questions!

đź“Ľ Press PLAY to hear tips from Ami Kumar and Sarah Schell, both Directors of Engineering at GameChanger, on how to prepare for your interview with a hiring manager. They shared some of their favorite questions to ask candidates.

đź“Ľ What's the assessment of soft skills like during an interview with a hiring manager? Ami and Sarah, as Directors of Engineering, assess a combination of technical skills and soft skills during your interview. From a softer side, they'll ask you to think about how the changes you're suggesting would impact the users as well as your past experiences and what you learned along the way. When doing so, it's important to provide context. Some questions candidates will be asked are: Who were you working with? What were the objectives? What was the conflict? What options were considered? What were the trade-offs? And most importantly, what was your specific role in that situation?

đź“Ľ There are so many different questions that you can ask the hiring manager at the end of the interview, not only for engineering roles but for any role you'd like to apply for. Some great questions to ask are: What is your day-to-day going to look like? What tools and technologies will you get to learn? What kind of growth opportunities and learning opportunities does the company offer? Showing that you're trying to visualize life inside the company helps you stand out to the interviewer.

Last Tip For Your Interview With an Engineering Hiring Manager

To improve your chances of getting hired at GameChanger, Sarah recommends focusing on a couple of areas. First, always work on improving your craft, whether it's writing the swift code, learning about testing patterns, or performing data analyses. Second, Sarah looks for candidates who can work effectively in a team. This means having the ability to collaborate, mentor, be mentored, articulate novel ideas, give feedback, and even respectfully dissent.

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Get to know Ami and Sarah

Ami Kumar is currently a Senior Engineering Manager at GameChanger Media, Inc. and she's getting her Master's degree in Machine Learning at Georgia Tech. She graduated from Columbia University's Fu Foundation of Engineering and Applied Sciences with a major in computer science, following the applications track.

Sarah Schell has been a part of the team at GameChanger for more than four years now. She started as a Data Scientist, and after being the Data Science + Data Engineering Manager, she's now become the Director of Engineering at the company.

More About GameChanger

GameChanger is a dynamic technology company based in New York City with teammates working remotely to solve some of the biggest challenges in tech. They have more than 550,000 youth sports teams on their app and they deliver live video streaming, scorekeeping, and team communication tools that connect families to the most important game of the week.


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