Virtual VIP Lunch & Learn: Negotiating 101

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You're not alone if even the thought of asking for a raise or promotion makes you feel uncomfortable. Not negotiating or asking for more can cost a working woman over $500,000, on average, over the course of her lifetime.

Nicole Page, Partner at Reavis Page Jump LLP is joining us for this week's VIP Lunch & Learn to answer your negotiation questions and provide the tips you need to score your next raise!

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Nicole Page is a Partner of Reavis Page Jump LLP and practices in the areas of employment, entertainment and intellectual property.

In her employment practice, Ms. Page assists both individuals and companies on a range of matters, including workplace discrimination and sexual harassment claims at the state and federal level. She counsels clients on employment opportunities, negotiation strategies and equitable compensation packages. She also advises on and negotiates employment and separation agreements and provides outside general counsel services, particularly concerning employment law compliance. The #MeToo movement has had a profound effect on her practice and her committed advocacy for women.


How to Succeed as a Technical PM: Intuit Principal Product Manager Yi Ng Talks Product-Market Fit and Knowledge Engineering

How do you do your taxes? (Aside from begrudgingly, that is.) If you're one of the millions of Americans who files online, you may have used one of the projects that Yi Ng, Principal Product Manager at Intuit, has developed over her eight years at the global financial platform company known for products like TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint.

Diversity & Inclusion

Is 2020 finally the year of recognizing that women don't lose competence or sexiness the day they turn 50?

Ageism has long been the norm at work and in the media. Could that be changing?

Let's run through a quick highlight reel of women over 50 shaping their industries and just overall crushing life in the last few weeks:


She found a remote job at DigitalOcean

Are you also looking for a remote opportunity?

We know many of you are searching for job opportunities that are flexible and can allow you to grow professionally while still taking care of other priorities.

Hear Verónica Lopez's story, where she tells us how she found her dream job at DigitalOcean, and what it means for her quality of life to be able to bring herself to work every day.

Why are you looking for a remote opportunity? Leave us your comment below!

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Work From Home

How to Resign from a Remote Job: 5 Tips for Staying Grounded Throughout The Process

After working remotely in education technology for 11 years, I decided it was time for a change. It's officially been three months since I quit my full-time job. The time since I quit has been filled with highs and lows: some days seem to affirm my decision, and others I feel myself second guessing the call I made.

S&P Global Inc

S&P Global is committed to D&I

Why do you think it's important?

S&P Global shared with us why they are betting on Diversity and Inclusion. They answered with knowledge about concise benefits that are direct consequences of increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Whitney Rouse, Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Deirdre Cavanagh, Director of Talent Acquisition, expressed their views on the subject.

Do you feel like D&I is valued at your workplace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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