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LogMeIn Inc.

LogMeIn Virtual Networking Event & Follow-Up Questions

On April 29th, PowerToFly hosted a live webinar with some women leaders at LogMeIn. The panelists dished out their best professional advice and industry insight.

Unfortunately, with such a large number of attendees, we weren't able to address all of your questions during the event, but the LogMeIn panelists took the time to write out responses to the questions we didn't get to.

So, if you attended and your question wasn't answered, take a look at the Q&A below to read the panelists' response to your question!

1. What are some data science initiatives at LogMeIn?

Molly: Our Data Scientists align to our Product Management, Business Operations, and Machine Learning departments in highly visible and influential roles that drive customer acquisition, retention, and innovation initiatives. While we don't have any current Data Scientist roles available, you can always refer to our career site for our latest openings:

2. What are some examples of typical projects, business challenges, and go-to channels?

Kate: We are currently working on a strategy project to map the prospect/user journeys from end to end to reveal any disjointed content/copy experiences between email, web pages, and in-product content. Our copywriters are often busy doing research to update home page copy, features or products pages based on changes or updates within the products themselves– or writing new landing pages for campaigns!

3. At the moment, LogMeIn's executive leadership is still mostly made up of men; do you see that changing in the future? Are there paths for women to move up to the highest levels of the company?

Annie: As a company we are working to find more ways to retain, promote and hire women and others who are underrepresented in tech. This year we added one woman to our Executive Team who is leading our Marketing Team. Our Head of Technology started with the company a few months ago and she is also a woman. We have our first Global Head of Diversity, also a woman, and we are developing new initiatives to improve our representation of women and others who are from other underrepresented groups. This is a key focus area for our entire company.

4. As you are going through this incredible growth period, how do you make sure the organization stays efficient and flat without adding unnecessary layers and bureaucracy?

Molly: We do our best to incorporate our company values into our day to day behaviors and actions– Be Real, Think Big, Move Fast, and Keep Growing. These values are a great reminder to explore new ideas, identify and problem solve roadblocks, consider the customer in your decision making, and that consensus is not required to make decisions.

5. What is an ideal candidate according to you?

Kate: In hiring for my team my goal is always to hire people who are smarter/brighter/more passionate about their area of expertise than I am, and then get out of their way/clear their way to let them execute. Passion and temperament over the perfect resume/experience, and I look for an eagerness to keep growing/learning.

6. What's the biggest challenge that LogMeIn is facing now and in the near future?

Lisa: Competition is heating up for all our products so moving FAST is the critical so someone that likes to move fast, can be nimble and pivot quickly if needed and don't get frazzled or thrown with ambiguity. Secondly, finding top talent- we are in a war for talent right now given how HOT the web/eCom business is. So forum's like PTF is key to our success and ensuring we focusing on diversity and inclusion as we hire and bring people on to the team.

7. Do writers, designers, etc. tend to focus on just one product/site, or do they work across all of them?

Kate: In general they focus on one "product area" which can encompass up to 6 products. However, there is often opportunity to work on other sites/projects, or to switch between, if there's interest.

8. How do you build team collaboration in a remote environment, and what opportunities are available for professional development?

Kate: My team has a robust and familiar banter/chatter on our private slack channel, for one!! Additionally, I encourage everyone on my team to seek out conferences and training to attend – as well as propose topics or talks to give both internally and externally.

Learn more about LogMeIn's events and job openings.


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