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Women at Work

Most Popular PowerToFly Blogs of 2017

Dec. 28, 2017

2017 was an important year for women. From the Women's March to the #MeToo Movement, women have been making headlines nationwide, and we have the overwhelming support of our fellow females to thank for this.

At PowerToFly, we too, have had a record year. We've brought more jobs, events, and opportunities to your inbox and delivered content to your feeds that has not only empowered you, but made you come back for a second or third read.

With that being said, we're excited to share our top five blog posts of 2017. Ranging from what to wear to work, to highlighting powerful female leaders, this year was all about inspiring you- and we can't wait to keep this going in 2018.

1. 14 Ways to Dress Chic And Retain Your Inner Geek

14 Ways to Dress Chic And Retain Your Inner Geek

Getting dressed for the office can be hard, if not downright painful for many women. We've put together some of out favorite looks for "Geek Chic Fashion Week" that are perfect for any day at the office!

2. 15 Female Virtual Mentors (Tony Robbins, Take Note)

15 Female Virtual Mentors (Tony Robbins, Take Note)

We polled our trusted team members and the women from our Facebook group to come up with a list of 15 virtual female mentors you should start following today. This list is a mix of women who may consider themselves virtual mentors and women who aren't doing it officially, but they're certainly inspiring others.

3. Business Insider Honors the 43 Most Powerful Female Engineers of 2017

Business Insider Honors the 43 Most Powerful Female Engineers of 2017

Our friends at Business Insider celebrate the 43 most powerful female engineers in U.S. tech helping to praise our community of trailblazing women and changing the tide for future generations of women in engineering.

4. I Tested My Personality To Be More Productive

I Tested My Personality To Be More Productive

President and cofounder of PowerToFly, Katharine Zaleski takes a closer look at how her productivity has changed (and improved!) throughout the years with the help of various personality tests.

5. The Email I Had To Write To Take A Vacation

The Email I Had To Write To Take A Vacation

Vacations should be a time for rest and relaxation- not stressing about work. President and cofounder Katharine Zaleski shares the email she sends to her team prior to leaving to ensure things run smoothly in her absence.

Is there something we're missing? Share your favorite PowerToFly post on our Facebook Group.

Career Advice

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation in a Fast-Paced Environment

Insight from YouGov's Victoria Ganusceac

Victoria Ganusceac knew she wanted to be a product manager, but the HR manager at the company where she was working at the time wasn't on board.

Not immediately, anyways.


How I Took Action Against Anti-Asian Racism– At Work and In My Personal Life

If you've been paying attention to the news recently, you likely have noticed a sharp rise in Anti-Asian racism. Members of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities have been vocal in bringing awareness to the heightened racial discrimination they have faced since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which, in some cases, have had tragic consequences.


20 Lessons from 66 Working Moms Balancing Family and Career

Experience is the greatest teacher, and the experience of being a mom is particularly chock-full of learning opportunities.

We know from the examples set by our coworkers and friends just how good moms are at juggling competing responsibilities and priorities. ("If you want to make sure something gets done, give it to a busy person" would be even more accurate if it was changed to "give it to a working mom.")

So this Mother's Day, we decided to ask working moms at our partner companies about the secret sauce that connects parenting experience to being better and happier at work.

T Rowe Price Group Inc

Prepare for Your Interview at T. Rowe Price

Hermione Elisée, talent acquisition manager at T. Rowe Price, shares her insight on how to prepare for a job interview at the company.

She highlights the importance of preparing by thoroughly reviewing the job description and aligning it with your relevant work experience and skills. When updating your resume, Hermoine recommends that you include detailed descriptions of your skills. Also, make sure your resume is proofread by someone else before submitting it.

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