How These Companies Are Preventing Burnout in the City That Never Sleeps

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A 2018 study found that 1 in 5 highly engaged employees is at risk of burnout. And the General Social Survey of 2016 (a nationwide survey that tracks the attitudes and behaviors of American society) found that 50 percent of respondents are consistently exhausted because of work, compared with 18 percent two decades ago.

If these are the numbers for the U.S. as a whole, imagine the numbers of New York City... a microcosm of highly competitive, ambitious workers who on top of working long days have an average one-way commute time of 41.2 minutes.

Several years ago, I had a very low-stress summer internship in New York. Two months' worth of AM commutes on the F train, pinned against my fellow passengers, were enough to convince me that people's stress was just as transmittable as their sweat... I'd arrive to work, sticky and exhausted, as if even my commute was some sort of competition.

None of this is to knock the charm of living in the city that never sleeps, but it's no secret that maintaining some semblance of work-life balance in New York can be challenging. These 12 companies know how important it is to make sure highly-engaged employees want to stick around for the long-haul... and they're offering these cool perks to help make sure their employees stay well-rested, healthy, and happy. Because self-care beats burnout any day!

Find Puppy Love at Alloy

This small but growing NYC startup is shaking up the financial services industry... and stodgy office culture that says you've gotta leave your furry family members at home!

This dog-friendly office is sure to keep you smiling (dogs really do make us happier and reduce stress -- it's science!)

Alloy also offers other great benefits like health and dental benefits for you and your family, very flexible work hours and work from home options, relocation pay, an open vacation policy (seriously), and generous family leave options and support in returning to work.

Check out their open NYC jobs here!

Never Go Hungry at Cardflight

Salty snacks

Cardflight keeps their pantry fully stocked with unlimited snacks - healthy and unhealthy - to fuel you through crunch time. They also offer weekly team lunches.

Other great benefits include fully covered medical, vision and dental plans, a liberal vacation policy, and a budget for continual learning.

Check out their open NYC roles here!

Make Your Schedule Work For You at Mastercard

Flexible schedule written on a calendar.

Mastercard believes that "results, not hours, count. Our workplace allows the kind of scheduling flexibility that helps balance work demands with personal responsibilities."

Find the right balance between work and personal responsibilities by managing your own schedule. Mastercard also encourages employees to stay refreshed and fulfilled by offering a volunteer incentives program and education assistance.

Other benefits include family care resources, adoption assistance, paid parental leave, and more.

Check out their open NYC roles here!

Take a Break at PwC

PwC offers a number of potential flexible-working arrangements, including career breaks, so you have the option to take time off to do whatever you want/need to do and then return to work... perfect for when you really need some time to step back and hit the reset button.

They also offer a wide variety of additional benefits, covering everything from firm-wide holidays (so you can properly unwind without the stress of wondering what you're missing at the office) to student loan assistance!

See their open NYC roles here!

Always Be Supported at Bloomberg

Bloomberg believes in supporting your health, wellbeing, and financial security - when and where it's convenient for you. Their health care coverage is competitive, with minimal out-of-pocket expense to their employees. Employees in the New York and New Jersey offices also have access to healthcare providers on-site five days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, Bloomberg provides a generous retirement savings plan, a variety of family and life programs/resources, as well as solutions to support the behavioral and mental wellbeing of all their employees.

Check out their open NYC roles here!

Work Your Mind - and Body - at Dow Jones

Dow Jones offers an onsite gym... because having to travel all the way to the gym after work is the perfect excuse to skip it. (And, if you have kids you can take advantage of their onsite daycare as well.)

Check out all their open NYC roles here!

Enjoy (True) Unlimited Vacation at Better Mortgage

In their words, "Life/work, not work/life - all work and no play is a recipe for a breakdown. So we give our team members unlimited time off."
To be honest, Better Mortgage is a bit of an overachiever when it comes to perks and benefits. They also offer fully funded health, dental, and vision benefits; up to 20 weeks paid parental leave; and free lunch, dinner, and snacks ("because hungry employees aren't happy employees")... among other things.
Check out their open NYC roles here!

Never Miss a Show at TodayTix

What better way to avoid burnout than with some free entertainment? After all, the best way to forget about the stress in your own life is to spend an hour focusing on someone else's!

TodayTix brings its employees the gift of theater with complimentary tickets and discount codes to a number of live events!

Oh, and they also offer unlimited paid vacation days (with an ideal minimum of 4+ weeks)... And a 401K with up to 4% employer matching; health, vision, and dental insurance; pre-tax commuter and childcare benefits, weekly company lunches, gym reimbursement and more! (Another overachiever...)

Check out their open NYC roles here!

Catch Some Zzz's at Casper

Based in the city that never sleeps, Casper is all about making sure their customers - and their employees - are extremely well rested.
That's why they give all their employees a top-of-the-line bed set (mattress, sheets, and pillows) to ensure they get the best sleep of their lives. And they even offer paid incentives for employees to sleep more!
They also offer other great benefits like health incentives, unlimited PTO, and bi-weekly catered lunches.

Check out their open NYC jobs here!

Spin Away Your Stress at Peloton

Peloton's NYC Studio

Peloton is more than a bike.

This is a company that is pioneering technology that shapes lives and creates connections.

When you join Peloton, you get the opportunity to work alongside the most creative and innovative minds in the field. A few of the benefits and perks of working here are a 401k plan with a 4% match, $100 a month towards your student loans, $100 a month towards a college savings plan; Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance, discounted bikes for you and your friends/family, a complimentary digital subscription service, a great work-life balance.

See their open NYC roles here!

Never Stop Learning at Flatiron Health

One of the best ways to keep employees engaged is to make sure they're always learning and developing their skills... nothing demotivates a highly capable employee like feeling there's no room for growth!

That's why Flatiron invests in their people, offering career and personal development through Flatiron University.

Check out their open jobs here!

Swap the Subway for a Citi Bike at Intent

Intent uses predictive analytics to help travel brands maximize revenue per visitor.... and they use awesome perks and benefits to keep their employees happy.

In fairness, a free Citi Bike membership is just a blip on the radar when compared to the rest of these impressive benefits, but Intent offers just about every benefit mentioned so far on this list, so we decided to save the best for last.

They offer:

  1. Unlimited Vacation - Yup, that's right. UNLIMITED. There's no cap on the amount of leave you can take, but we suggest you take at least three-weeks per year.
  2. Learning Budget - Always. Be. Learning. They'll reimburse you up to $2,000 towards the cost of any courses, seminars, or books you need.
  3. A beautiful, dog-friendly office in SoHo with plenty of natural light
  4. Company sponsored social events and a kitchen fully stocked with drinks and snacks
  5. Citi Bike Membership - You'll never forget how to ride a bike! Sign up for an annual Citi Bike membership as another resource to get around the city.
  6. Fond - A perks and discount program for all Intent employees. Never buy full-price movie tickets again!
  7. Sherpaa - Message, talk, or video chat with one of Sherpaa's doctors anytime from anywhere. It's a game-changer.
  8. Stock Options - We want all of our employees to feel like a part of the company, so we literally give you a part of the company.
  9. Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and AD&D Insurance
  10. 16 weeks of paid parental leave for primary caregiver and an onsite New Mother's room
  11. 401(k) Retirement Plan - We partner with TransAmerica Retirement Solutions to provide a 401(k) plan that allows you to save for your future.
  12. Employee Assistance Program - Our EAP is available to you and your loved ones at all times for any work- or personal-related issues that may come up in your life.

It's no wonder they've been included on the Crain's top 100 places to work in NYC list for seven years running!

Check out their open NYC roles here!


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But where should you look if you want that check to be as big as possible?

Start with this guide to the best high-paying remote jobs. These career choices (and the example companies hiring for them) don't skimp out on paying remote workers well, and you'll still get all the work-from-home flexibility you're looking for. I've linked to specific job posts for each category below, but also look through the 300+ remote jobs on PowerToFly's always-updated remote job board for more.

As you apply and interview, keep these work-from-home interview questions in mind. If you find yourself with a salary offer that's good, but not quite as good as it could be, reference these salary negotiation tips for remote workers to advocate for what you deserve. And when you get the job with a great salary, make sure your home office is set up for success. And then send me a note to tell me how you're doing!

1. Senior Software Engineer

Business woman using laptop

Who It's Good For: Anyone who's a pro in programming languages (Java, Javascript, C++, Python, and SQL, to start, among others) and knows how to drive the development of products. If you like complex engineering challenges, have experience working with different systems and products, and have the discipline to program without a PM physically hovering over you (Slack hovering's allowed, though), this is for you.

Sound Like You? Check Out: Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Dell, Senior Front End Software Engineer at Plectica, Senior Software Engineer at CloudBees

Why You Can Do It Remotely: Like most heads-down-and-create work, developing software and programming are best done with minimal distractions. You'll collaborate with your team for check-ins and bug fixes, but you'll be able to focus on your project work from a home office.

Average Annual Salary: $131,875

2. User Experience Researcher Manager

Young adult woman working with laptop at mobile app

Who It's Good For: Proven researchers who know how to understand the behaviors and motivations of customers through feedback and observation, who have experience synthesizing insights into a brand story, and who have managed teams.

Sound Like You? Check Out: Senior Research Operations Program Manager at Zapier.

Why You Can Do It Remotely: As UX researcher Lindsey Redinger explains in her helpful Medium post, remote research allows companies to reach users all over the world, not just within driving distance to their headquarters, and can be cheaper for companies and easier for participants.

Average Annual Salary: $105,810

3. Senior Product Designer

Female graphic designer smiling at desk in office

Who It's Good For: Creatives with technical chops who like the challenges of evolving and improving the production of current products, leading designers, and collaborating with other parts of the business.

Sound Like You? Check Out: Senior Product Designer at SeatGeek.

Why You Can Do It Remotely: While design teams definitely need to share lots of feedback, there's technology out there to make that easy. The Help Scout design team has shared their favorite tools and tricks to collaborate remotely, which includes recording daily videos of new designs to explain features and ideas in a way a photo file just can't express. (They're also hiring! Check out open Help Scout jobs here).

Average Annual Salary: $107,555

4. Senior Security Analyst

Developing Concentrated programmer reading computer codes Development Website design and coding technologies.

Who It's Good For: Thoughtful, vigilant thinkers who enjoy identifying and fixing gaps in a company's security posture, including through ethnical hacking (hacking a company's system before outsiders can, and addressing the weak points found) and incident response (containing the negative effects of a system breach or attack).

Sound Like You? Check Out: Data Protection Security Analyst at Deloitte.

Why You Can Do It Remotely: Not all security analyst positions are remote-friendly; sometimes they require working with very sensitive data that can be compromised if taken off-site or accessed from a VPN. But with the right data processing policies—like using a privacy filter over your laptop, only using secured wifi, and encrypting your data, all suggested by WebARX security's all-remote team—remote work as a security analyst is definitely possible.

Average Annual Salary: $108,463

5. Technical Project Manager

A strong wifi connection makes for a strong relationship

Who It's Good For: Tech-friendly jack-of-all-trades with a sweet spot for spreadsheets and other organization tools.

Sound Like You? Check Out: Technical Project Manager at Avaaz.

Why You Can Do It Remotely: Project management can sometimes be like herding cats, but you don't need to be in the same room as your feline team members in order to direct them around. With collaborative software (and a highly organized home office, like PM pro Patrice Embry recommends), you can PM the most complicated of projects from wherever you're located.

Average Annual Salary: $95,129

Other Industries

Other high-paying remote-friendly jobs include certain roles in healthcare (like nurse practitioners and psychologists, who can check in with patients via video conferencing and phone calls), app developers for both iOS and Android products, actuaries and tax accountants, and data scientists.

And remember that even jobs that don't seem remote-friendly at first, could possibly be done from home or on the road. If you find a well-paying, exciting job that doesn't offer remote work immediately, it might be worth negotiating a more flexible schedule with a 1-2 day work-from-home option. Both you and the company can see what remote work actually looks like in action, and if it goes well, you can make a pitch to transition to remote work full time.

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