Excel Masterclass: Pivot Tables

Feb. 12th 2018

Now that you're a spreadsheet wiz after taking Excel Masterclass: Filters and Functions I & II- it's time to take that knowledge you've learned and start creating pivot tables!

Join PowerToFly for Part 3, Excel Masterclass: Pivot Tables

During this on-demand, one hour virtual seminar, PowerToFly's Senior Data and Web Analyst, Vanina, will dive deeper into pivot tables and why they are an awesome tool to organize and summarize your data. The seminar will explore pivot tables in both Excel and Google Sheets so that you can be an expert no matter which system you use.

(Register now and watch the training session anytime - Availability Runs through December 31, 2018! You will receive a separate email in your inbox with a link to the seminar after you have completed your purchase. If you would like to access all of our on-demand webinars for free, sign-up for a PowerToFly VIP membership.)

And if you like what you see, be sure to join us for the following webinar, too:

Excel Masterclass 1: Filters & Functions Part I

Excel Masterclass 2: Filters & Functions Part II

Excel Masterclass 4: Reporting & Dashboards (Coming Soon)

Are you interested in hosting your own webinar!? If you're a subject matter expert in tech, sales, marketing (and more) send us an email to with your idea, and we'll be in touch!

Happy learning!


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