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"Recognizing That Women Have Different Circumstances."

-Wanda Miles

We networked with career-building women at our recent event with Carvana.

Hear what attendee Wanda Miles has to say about diversity in the workplace and PowerToFly.

"What I love most about PowerToFly is it's focus on identifying and developing women leaders through working with corporations who are dedicated to finding those women and bringing them into their companies...looking to expand diversity not only in the women and leaders, but also diversity of thought. And also recognizing that women have different circumstances, be it a need to work from home to take care of a child or others, and being able to accommodate those needs." - Wanda Miles

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Learn more about Carvana's work-culture, their open roles, work perks and benefits here.


Carvana's Profile:


At Carvana, we sell cars, but we're not salespeople. Car shopping is known, universally, as a terrible process with no end to consumer pain points though the experience. And it's been this way for over 75 years. That's why we started.

Since 2013, we've been making it our mission to change the way people buy cars. Our goal is to completely change the way people, search, purchase, trade-in, finance, and receive Carvana certified vehicles. This means we're a disruptor; a passionate bunch that is dedicated to building, doing, and creating something amazing.

For more information on Carvana, take a look at our company introduction video.


Doing our part to change the car buying status quo takes some outside-the-box thinking. That means we're seeking daring minds who can help us remain ahead of the curve, and are committed to making a difference.


We hire quality character over impressive skill set every single time. We're seeking individuals who are tenacious, confident, and respectful, while still being able to crack a well-timed joke or two. If you like people and enjoy a positive, yet challenging and fun, work environment — we want you.

What to Write in a Farewell Card to a Leaving Coworker: Quotes and Examples

For the boss you loved, the coworker you hated, and everyone in between

Two things are inevitable when someone leaves your team at work: there will be an abundance of sweet treats (I'm partial to those giant cookie cakes from the mall) and there will be a card passed around for everyone to scrawl the professional version of sweet nothings in. Depending on the "importance" of the person, you may get the bonus activities of farewell gifts and/or an all-team champagne toast.


A Night of Networking with Peloton’s Women Tech Leaders

If you are a New York based tech professional and you'd like to attend this event, please email your name and LinkedIn URL to

Whether you are a software engineer, fitness enthusiast or both, you won't want to miss PowerToFly's evening of product demos and networking with the women tech leaders and allies at Peloton.

Founded in 2012, Peloton brought top talent together in its Silicon Alley headquarters to create a new concept in fitness. In their words, "We loved cycling but had a hard time finding a workout that consistently fit our schedules, and our at-home workouts never felt quite up to par. So, we set out to create a world-class indoor cycling studio experience on your time, and in the comfort of your own home."

This event is your chance to hear directly from the women tech leaders and allies who make their revolutionary products like the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread and Peloton App possible. We'll be devoting a large portion of the event to taking your questions and I know the Peloton team wants to hear from you!

The unique evening will take place on Wednesday, February 12th from 6pm to 8:30pm at 125 W 25th Street.


Some Men Get a Pay Bump When They Enter Female-Dominated Jobs — How Can Women Benefit Too?

These Researchers Argue It Could Lead to Traditionally Female Jobs Becoming More Valued

Studies have found that as women take over male-dominated fields, the pay drops. So what happens when men start joining female-dominated fields?

Diversity & Inclusion

How Inclusion Can Help You Attract and Retain Top Talent

There's a lot more to building an inclusive company than just hiring more people from diverse backgrounds. So, how can you build an inclusive culture that will help you attract and retain a diverse group of employees?

Diversity & Inclusion

How This Sales Coach Found Success—And A Career Path—at the Intersection of Tech, Construction, & Sales

A few months ago, Lily Zintak found herself at a crossroads.

She'd been working as a Sales Development Representative in construction management software company Procore Technologies' Austin, Texas office for the better part of 18 months. She'd watched the office grow from less than 200 people to more than 400—and even cut the ribbon when they opened a new floor of offices. She'd made 50-plus sales calls a day, honed an approach to prospecting and connecting with clients that worked for her, and found success. It was at this point in her career, where she had to make a tough decision.

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