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Sapient Consulting Supports Your Career

"If you want to do something within Sapient Consulting, you can certainly make it happen, and you will get the support from anyone in the organization" - Effie Kilmer, Associate.

Sapient Consulting prides themselves on fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. In their office, there's no such thing as a "typical" employee- connected thinking is built on diversity. Not only will you engage side-by-side on some of the most challenging and rewarding projects, you can also take part in their learning programs to really own your career. Sapient Consulting gives you the opportunity to attend sessions about new industry trends and technology, request training or get involved in another area of the business.

Join a company that wants to propel your career to the next level by applying to one of their jobs below, and be sure to follow Sapient Consulting on PowerToFly so you'll never miss a future update!


Associate Creative Director (Newport Beach, CA)

Cloud Big Data Architect - Azure, Hadoop (Newport Beach, CA)

Director, Technology - Java (Newport Beach, CA)

Manager, Business Consulting - Capital Markets (Newport Beach, CA)

Manager, .NET Development - Capital Markets (Newport Beach, CA)

Senior .NET Developer - Capital Markets (Newport Beach, CA)

Senior Associate, Program Management (Newport Beach, CA)

Senior Business Analyst - Capital Markets (Newport Beach, CA)

Technical Business Analyst - Capital Markets (Newport Beach, CA)

Technical Project Manager (Newport Beach, CA)


Senior Associate, Creative Operations (Miami Beach, FL)


Client, Financial Analyst (Chicago, IL)

Manager Learning, Talent, & Culture Strategy (Chicago, IL)


Associate, Financial Planning & Analysis (Boston, MA)

Associate, Financial Reporting (Boston, MA)

Digital Marketing Analyst (Boston, MA)

Manager Learning, Talent, & Culture Strategy (Boston, MA)

People Success Manager (Boston, MA)

Revenue Analyst (Boston, MA)

Senior Accountant (Boston, MA)

Senior Associate Technology (Boston, MA)

Senior Manager, Accounting (Boston, MA)

Sr. Specialist – Data Science (Boston, MA)


Client Finance Associate (Detroit, MI)


Associate, Financial Planning & Analysis (New York, NY)

Associate Technology - Java (New York, NY)

Core Java Senior Software Engineer (New York, NY)

Director, Front End Technology (New York, NY)

Interactive Developer (ReactJS or AngularJS) (New York, NY)

Java Architect (New York, NY)

Java Architect ( Core Java and Multithreading) (New York, NY)

Java Architect (Java 7/8 Capital Markets) (New York, NY)

Lead, Java Tech Architect (New York, NY)

Senior Core Java Developer (New York, NY)

Senior Core Java Developer (Multi-threading) (New York City, NY)

Senior Frontend Developer (React/Angular) (New York, NY)

Senior Frontend Developer (React/Angular/Javascript) (New York, NY)

Senior Java Developer (New York, NY)

Senior Java 7/8 Developer (New York, NY)

Senior JAVA Developer- Core Java, Multithread (New York, NY)

Senior Java Developer (Multi-threading) (New York, NY)

Senior Java Engineer (New York, NY)

Senior Java Software Engineer (Multithreading) (New York, NY)

Senior UI Developer (React and/or Angular) (New York, NY)

Technology Consultant - Java | GMI Program Spring 2018 (New York, NY)


Revenue Analyst (Cleveland, OH)


Delivery Program Lead (Houston, TX)

Director, Technology - Capital Markets (Houston, TX)

Manager, Business Development- Salesforce (Houston, TX)

Manager, Technology - Azure Cloud Application Architect (Houston, TX)

Manager, Technology - Robotic Process Automation Architect (Houston, TX)

Senior DataStage Developer (Houston, TX)

Supply Chain Optimization Analyst (Linear Programming) (Houston, TX)

Technical Business Analyst (Houston, TX)

Technical Business Analyst - Eagle Pace (Houston, TX)

Technical Project Manager (Houston, TX)


Agile Coach (Arlington, VA)

Associate Business Consultant (Arlington, VA)

Associate Linux Systems Administrator (Arlington, VA)

Associate Marketing Strategy & Analysis (Arlington, VA)

Business Requirements Analyst (Arlington, VA)

Manager of Quality Assurance (Arlington, VA)

Manager Program Management (Arlington, VA)

Oracle Developer (Arlington, VA)

Senior Associate Project Manager (Arlington, VA)

Senior Associate Web Developer (Arlington, VA)

Senior Information Architect (Arlington, VA)

Senior Information Architect Content Strategist (Arlington, VA)

Senior Software Developer Engineer in Test (Java) (Arlington, VA)

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist (Arlington, VA)


Associate, Financial Reporting (Seattle, WA)


Senior Architect Big Data (ON, Canada)


How These Companies Are Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

According to a recent study, anti-Asian hate crimes have risen 150% since the pandemic started. But these acts of violence are not new — they are part of a much larger history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the U.S.

That makes celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (which was named a month-long celebration in May by Congress in 1992 "to coincide with two important milestones in Asian/Pacific American history: the arrival in the United States of the first Japanese immigrants on May 7, 1843 and contributions of Chinese workers to the building of the transcontinental railroad, completed May 10, 1869") this year all the more important.


How Relativity’s Monika Wąż Conquered Fear to Find Her Dream Career

There's a phrase in her native Polish that Monika Wąż reminds herself of each day: "If you don't learn, you're just going backward."

The Associate Product Manager at legal and compliance technology company Relativity says she would believe in a growth-centered approach to work even if she wasn't in the tech field, but that it's especially important because she is.

Autodesk, Inc.

How Embracing What She Doesn’t Know Led Autodesk’s Arezoo Riahi to a Fulfilling Career in DEI

Arezoo Riahi isn't a big fan of the "fake it till you make it" approach. She'd rather ask for the help she needs and learn from it.

Autodesk's Director of Diversity and Belonging joined the design software company from the nonprofit world after a long career in connecting people from different cultures. While her work had been deeply rooted in DEI values, there were certain parts of the strategy-building aspects to her new role that she wasn't sure about.

"If you know it, show up like you know it. If you don't know it, you shouldn't fake it. And Autodesk didn't shame me for not knowing everything. They helped me, and the entire team, by providing the resources that we needed, bringing in outside expertise to help teach us when we were in new territory," says Arezoo, who has been at Autodesk for three years now, during which she's been promoted twice into her current role.

We sat down with Arezoo to hear more about her path into DEI work, what she thinks the future of that work must include, and what advice she has for women looking to build fulfilling careers, from knowing what you don't know and beyond.


Behind-the-Scenes: Sales Interview Process at LogMeIn

Get an inside look at the interview process for sales roles at LogMeIn, one of the largest SaaS companies providing remote work technology, from Michael Gagnon, Senior Manager of Corporate Account Executive Sales.

Procore Technologies Inc

How Being an Open Member of the LGBTQIA+ Community Has Helped Procore’s Alex Zinik Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work

Alex Zinik wasn't surprised that she started her career in education—she decided she would become a teacher when she was just in third grade.

She was surprised while working as a paraeducator in the school system and preparing to become a special education teacher, she discovered that it didn't feel quite right. "I didn't know if that's what I really wanted to do," she recalls.

So a friend suggested she take a job during her off summers at construction software company Procore. She thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out this new challenge, and if she needed to, she could go back to the school district once the summer was over.

"Five summers later, I'm still here!" she says, smiling. "And I see myself here for many more years. I just fell in love with the company, the culture, and with the career growth opportunities I was presented with."

As part of our Pride month celebrations, Alex, currently the Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO at Procore, sat down with us to share how a common fear—the fear of being found out—underlay the imposter syndrome she felt when pivoting to an industry in which she lacked experience, and the anxiety she often felt before coming out to her friends and family about her sexuality.

Read on for her insight on overcoming negative thought patterns, being yourself, and paying it forward.

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