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SoundCloud Inc.

Watch Our Virtual Event with SoundCloud

We're partnering with SoundCloud, the world's largest music and audio sharing platform, for a special virtual networking event. Watch a behind-the-scenes look at a technology organization that's empowering the world's audio creators with the best tools, services, and resources to build and grow their careers.


Speakers from SoundCloud included:

  • Tiffany Conroy, Director of Engineering, Growth & Commerce
  • Ben Said, Android Developer
  • Adelina Persa, Director, Search & Recommendations
  • Mahnaz Namazizavareh, Senior Data Scientist
  • Laura Wenzel, Backend Engineer, User Authorization
SoundCloud is hiring - visit their page on PowerToFly.
SoundCloud Inc.

What It’s Like to Work at SoundCloud, and How You Can Stand Out in the Interview Process

Recruiter Spotlight with Anya Voronova

Originally from the Ukraine, Anya Voronova was looking to pick up a new language when she moved to Berlin. Instead, she ended up taking on a much bigger challenge: recruiting for SoundCloud, a company that helps millions of people connect with artists using dozens of languages across the Internet.

Anya has always been drawn to the music world, which was among the reasons she found Berlin so appealing. Years prior to working for SoundCloud, Anya used the platform to find new musicians and DJs. As an employee and tech recruiter, she's discovered that SoundCloud is more than just a great company that discovers musical talent. The cultural experiences and the high-level talent that she's surrounded by on a daily basis at SoundCloud ensure that she never gets bored.

We recently sat down with Anya to learn more about her experiences with SoundCloud, her insights into how to stand out in the application process, and what SoundCloud is doing to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Read on to learn more!


Moms Share Their Tips For Parenting Through a Pandemic

Let's be honest: juggling personal and professional responsibilities as a mom has never been easy. But in the midst of a pandemic? There are times when it feels virtually impossible. In this new world of massive unemployment, millions working from home for the first time, virtual school, and social distancing, parenting has entered uncharted territory — What To Expect When You're Expecting certainly didn't prepare anyone for this.

SoundCloud Inc.

5/5 Live Chat: "She's Found Clarity and Authenticity In An Ever Evolving Startup"

On Tuesday, May 5th, 2020, join us for a live chat with a member of the SoundCloud team! We are excited to hear from Swetha Dhanodharan, VP of Listener Business at SoundCloud during the chat entitled, "She's Found Clarity and Authenticity In An Ever Evolving Startup". Click here to register and also to hear the post-event recording, and we hope to see you there virtually!

Here is more information about this live chat with Swetha:

Especially during such unprecedented times, it can be hard to think about career growth and where I want to be professionally in the next month, let alone next year or five-ten years down the line. I've worked for SoundCloud for almost four years now, and over the course of the past four years I've had four different managers, held three different roles, been promoted three times, and now can proudly say I'm now a Vice President at this ever evolving company. I'm excited to join you, live, and answer your questions about how to find clarity and authenticity at a growing startup while taking your career to the next level!

In this chat, I'll share:

  1. How I stay grounded in an ever shifting environment
  2. How I navigate new managers and leadership
  3. How I'm growing my career through this evolution


Swetha Dhamodharan

Swetha Dhamodharan is the VP of the Listener Business at SoundCloud. In her role, Swetha is responsible for the strategy development and revenue growth of SoundCloud's listener business, which encompasses growing consumer subscriptions and monthly active listeners. In addition, she leads new listener product initiatives and brings them to market, working closely with SoundCloud's Product and Marketing teams. Before joining SoundCloud, Dhamodharan was a manager at consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners, where she developed sales, marketing, and pricing and packaging strategies for more than 20 software and internet companies globally. She loves food, travel, discovering new emerging artists, and enjoying great reads on the subway.