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An Inside Look at Our Evening with OpenTable's CEO

When we think of CEOs leading America's most well-known networks, we don't hear them combine their goal of building a product that serves over 25 million diners a month with ensuring they will reach gender parity across their teams. That's because they're not Christa Quarles, the OpenTable CEO, who spoke to women from PowerToFly about changes she and her team have made to "create the ultimate restaurant recommendation engine" while focusing on creating a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone to thrive in.

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Companies That Care

Job Of The Week + Companies That Care

End Q1 With Companies Coming To You!

Q1 may be coming to a close, but for those of us preparing for end-of quarter presentations, April can't come fast enough. Luckily for you, we launched our final Excel Masterclass: Reporting and Dashboards just in time for putting any last minute touches on your Q1 reports. And get this, you won't need to purchase any fancy software to make them look fabulous. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax while our Senior Web and Data Analyst (and mom of two) Vanina, walks you through everything you need to know about creating reports in Excel or Google Sheets in only an hour. And to wrap up the quarter on an even stronger note, make sure you follow the companies we're partnering with below!

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Women at Work

Community Spotlight

Meet Pralie Dutzel- Design Technologist

Today, we want to introduce (and congratulate!) one of our amazing community members- Pralie Dutzel. Pralie is a self taught web designer and developer who's recently accepted a position as HomeAway's newest Design Technologist (with the help of our team at PowerToFly)!

We asked Pralie a few questions about her experience as a developer, what got her into the field, and her advice for other women looking to excel in their careers:

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Remote Work Round-Up

Plus: 7 Tips on Writing a Remote Resume

Writing a good resume can be a tough and time-consuming process for most people. This statement is especially true when it comes to creating an effective resume for a remote work opportunity.

Most remote workers find it hard to develop an outstanding resume due to various reasons. It could be fear of failure, lack of effective writing skills, or the poor research they've done on the company they're looking to join.

To land the perfect job position as a remote worker, you'll need to bring complexity to the table. In a recent article by Stephanie Proper, she approaches several strategies and tips that'll help you create an amazing resume as a remote worker.

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Companies That Care

Thales Celebrates International Women's Day 2018

Diversity and Inclusion are key at Thales- here's how they're making a difference

International Women's Day, organized across the world on March 8, is an opportunity for Thales to highlight its commitment to the employment, development and engagement of women in the company. This year, within the Group, over 50 events are taking place in more than 20 countries.

At Thales, diversity and inclusion are both key to foster creativity and innovation through a greater variety of approaches, perspectives and ideas.

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