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💎 Are you wondering how to manage your early-stage career? Tune in to catch three top tips from @Gainsight that will help you plan strategically! 📼 In this video, you’ll hear from Kelly DeHart, SVP, Sales & Account Management at Gainsight, and get her view on how to manage your early-stage career. 👉Gainsight is hiring! Check out the company’s open jobs: Project Manager (US remote!) Customer Success Architect (US remote!) CS Ops Content Specialist (US remote!) 📼 Tip #1: Go Where There Is Growth. The first tip on how to manage your early-stage career means understanding the career path and trajectory of your new role when you first join a company. You’ll find that some companies do an excellent job of showcasing career paths and requirements for getting from one step to the next. Don’t lose sight of the fact that while you might start off making less money, your earning potential will increase as you take those next steps in your career. Maybe there’s one standout company that gives you more opportunities to do that. So when you’re selecting a role to apply for, definitely evaluate the path and consider going where there is growth. 📼 Tip #2: Improve The Status Quo. The next tip on how to manage your early stage-career is to take the initiative to identify improvements and make recommendations to improve the status quo. When you enter a company and begin onboarding, you learn the team processes and workflows. As a result, you have a unique, fresh-eyed perspective! After 30 or 60 days in your role, it would be fantastic if you could make recommendations on gaps you’ve discovered that could be fixed or optimized. In Kelly’s words, when she has new employees that offer meaningful insights, that really helps them jump out in her eyes and shows the potential of what they will contribute. One Last Key Tip On How To Manage Your Early-Stage Career The third tip is to maintain a broad view of your career options versus just setting your sights on one linear path. Some people know that they want to be in sales or customer success for their entire career. Still, many people look for an entry point to try and learn the ways of a business, in case they decide to course-correct and move into different parts of the organization later. So to achieve that, when you first start at a company, try to build bridges and cross-functional alignment with team members that cross your path. For example, if you're in sales, you could align with team members in marketing or customer success and learn what they do. Then, if you consider a switch to another department in the future, you’ll have a breadth of experience across the organization that will eventually make you more valuable on a leadership level. 📨 Are you interested in joining Gainsight? They have open positions! To learn more, click here:

💎 Tune in for clever virtual interview tips that will help you ace your interview! 📼 Lin Yuan, General Manager of Afterpay Shanghai Technology Center, shared her most clever virtual interview tips with us. If you’re about to interview with Afterpay (or just want to sharpen your interview skills), you don’t want to miss this. 👉 Afterpay is hiring! Check the company’s open jobs: Software Engineer, Backend Software Engineer, React Native, Consumer Experience Mid-Market Account Executive - (Market Development Manager) (remote!) 📼 The first of the clever virtual interview tips: #1 Get Your Set-Up Ready. Find a private and quiet space with a stable network, so you won't get disrupted during the interview. 📼 And the next clever virtual interview tip: #2 Keep It Real. You’ll feel much more comfortable during the talk if you show up as the real you. Plus, your interviewer will feel it, too. 📼 #3 of these clever virtual interview tips: A Powerful Self-Introduction. In order to make the most out of your self-introduction, you’ll want to clearly illustrate why your experience is related to this position and how you can bring value to the team. Clever Virtual Interview Tips - Play the video to see them all! #4 Line Up Your Questions: The talk should be two-sided instead of just questions from the interviewer. If you can bring questions and ideas to the table, it will show that you take the opportunity seriously. You’ll also have the chance to dive deeper into whether or not you’re a good match for the company, the team, and the position. 🧑‍💼 Are you interested in joining Afterpay? They have open positions! To learn more, click here:

💎 Get ready to master your technical interview! Tune in to catch three top tips to prepare before applying for a position at Raytheon Technologies. 📼 These tips from Elisabeth Hosmer, Associate Director of Program Management at Raytheon Intelligence and Space will help you master your technical interview when applying for a position at the company. 👉Raytheon Technologies is hiring! Check the company’s open jobs: Program Integrator (US remote!) Sr. Hardware Quality Engineer Manager, Project Management 📼 Tip #1: Slow Down - The first of Elisabeth’s top tips to master a technical interview is to really give each question you're asked, enough time for you to formulate the answer you want to share. Don't feel rushed. And if you feel like you need some time to collect your thoughts, let the interviewers know that. The team at Raytheon respects the fact that you want to give some consideration to your answer before jumping in! 📼 Tip #2: Come Prepared - In order to master your technical interview, it’s important to remember that not only is Raytheon interviewing you for a potential role, but you're interviewing the company as well. So show up with questions about not only the role, but the company culture too, and what you hope to gain from joining the organization. In Elisabeth’s words, so often they have candidates who, when offered the opportunity for them to ask questions, come up blank. It's very important for Raytheon to see you are as invested in the interview, as they are, by coming with some prepared questions! One Last Key Tip To Master Your Technical Interview With Raytheon The third tip is simply to OWN IT: what does Elisabeth mean by that? Show up knowing what you can bring to the organization, and be confident in what you've learned in your prior roles and education, and in what you can do that makes you a difference maker for the company. Everybody has a unique story and skill set. And when you show confidence in what you are capable of doing, as well as humility and where you know you need to continue to grow, you appear as a candidate excited to join the organization who in the future can be just so effective in their new role. 📨 Are you interested in joining Raytheon Technologies? They have open positions! To learn more, click here:

💎 Looking to apply for a position with Expedia Group? Here are some great tips to prepare for your interview! 📼 Watch this video for valuable insight from Audrey Mcgee, Talent Advisor at Expedia Group. These tips will help you get ready for your interview with the company, whether on-site or virtual! 📼 There are three main skills Expedia Group recruiters look for in candidates during their interview: #1: Communication skills. As Audrey shares, this is a skill that goes a long way and cuts across all industries, from HR to technology and even finance. Whether you're interviewing for an entry-level or executive-level role, you must have effective communication skills. #2: Problem-solving skills. The ability to articulate a problem or a challenge and the steps that you took to overcome those challenges will impress your interviewer. #3: Teamwork. Expedia Group has a diverse team across various geographies, time zones, and cultures, so they look for candidates who excel at collaboration! 📼 Probably, for the time being, Expedia Group will interview you over Zoom, so here are some great tips to keep in mind: Establish good eye contact with your interviewer. It indicates that you're engaged and interested, and it also exudes confidence. Make sure that your environment has good lighting, is free of distractions, and that noise is kept to a minimum. And last, but not least: Take a deep breath, relax, smile, and be yourself! Get That Job at Expedia Group! Last Tip Before Your Interview Be sure to send a follow-up note after your interview. While thank-you notes used to be very common, the trend has died down. So showing your appreciation will help you stand out! Plus, according to Audrey, this will also reiterate your interest in the role. Good luck! 🧑‍💼 Are you interested in joining Expedia Group? They have open positions! To learn more, click here: