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Whether you’re breaking into tech, starting as a recent grad, are self-taught talent, or looking to grow… you need a strategy and plan to make it happen! 🤔 Our expert speakers have made these moves personally and professionally. These women have carved their own niche in their tech careers and have helped thousands of talented people manage their own careers. ⬇️ Sign up below to join Kelly Kugler - Founder of Allora Collective, Chez Jennings - Senior Technical Recruiter at Reddit, and Bedilia Ramirez - Talent Partner at NYC Tech Talent Pipeline for this insightful hour of Q&A today at 3:00 PM ET.

Building Your Resume to Launch Your Career

Is your resume ready for this Friday's Virtual Career Fair? ✍ If you're not feeling confident in your resume, we have a free virtual event with Kelly Kugler from Allora Collective where you can ask any questions and get your resume polished before meeting with hiring managers at the Virtual Career Fair. Join us Thursday, November 12 from 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET.

Demonstrating Your Experience When the Hiring Manager is Doubting You

"Sorry, we need someone with more experience." "You were great, but we decided to go with someone else." "This probably just isn't a great fit for your background." UGH. If you've heard one or two of these statements before from hiring managers, it's time to take action. Kelly Kugler, Founder of Allora Collective, is joining us to debunk these statements and get you the job offers you deserve! Join us today at 3pm EST:

Cool, Comfortable & Confident: Interviews and Referral Conversations

The #dynamicduo is back! Join us 8/11 for another chat with Jill & Kelly of the Allora Collective, this time about mastering the art of #conversation. Their techniques are invaluable for #interviews & beyond so come #askthemanything! Sign up now!⬇️