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How to Identify & Leverage Your Transferable Skills

Switching roles can be scary and somewhat daunting 😥 An initial reaction is to doubt your skills and your personal brand but have no fear! Join Dovie Majors from on Monday, April 12 at 1:00 PM ET to explore how to identify and leverage your transferable skills. Submit your Q's and sign up:

Our grand finale for the end of the week? 🎇 It starts in 15 MINS! Our Virtual Job Fair is today from 10:00 AM ET - 4:00 PM ET where you'll get to meet 1:1 with recruiters from these incredible companies: ⭐ Facebook ⭐ ⭐ SoftwareONE ⭐ Guru ⭐ Mindbody ⭐ Raytheon Technologies ⭐ VTS ⭐ Pluralsight ⭐ Dassault Systèmes ⭐ 15Five ⭐ Smartsheet ⭐ Backblaze ⭐ Esri Virtual Career Fair:

⭐ PANEL HIGHLIGHT ⭐ In 15 MINS: Join for a chat with some of their leading women about their career journeys, remaining authentic, charting your own path at Amazon and what Amazon is doing when it comes to DEI. Join us at 2:00 PM ET. Tune in:

Diversity Reboot 2021 - Lauren

Our Diversity Reboot Summit is only a few short days away, who's ready? 💃 We're so excited for all we have in store for you! ⭐ Hear from world class speakers like Valerie Jarrett and Angelica Ross. ⭐ Join discussions on how we can all create diverse and inclusive workplaces in 2021. ⭐ Meet 1:1 with recruiters from high profile companies like Facebook,, Guru, Mindbody, SoftwareONE, Raytheon Technologies, and so many more at Friday's Virtual Career Fair. Sign up for free and save your spot today: