Autodesk, Inc.

We Heard from Autodesk's Women Leaders in San Francisco

On October 16th, PowerToFly hosted our first event with Autodesk, a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, in San Francisco.

Autodesk is a truly astounding company. From cars to skyscrapers to smartphones to even movie special effects, Autodesk's software makes it all possible. This intimate evening of networking and learning was hosted by PowerToFly's Amanda Bender and featured a diverse and impressive array of speakers from Autodesk.

The night kicked off with a warm welcome address by Queen Denchukwu, Manager, Global Diversity Partnerships and Alliances. Next up, our audience was treated to a special tech talk from Paula Berggren, Senior Exhibit Designer.

Following the evening's tech talk, Amanda moderated a panel discussion featuring several of Autodesk's women leaders including:

The evening wrapped up with some closing remarks by Andrea Robb, VP of Talent, Culture, and Diversity plus plenty of more opportunities to network over refreshments.
Here's what one attendee had to say about the event: "I'm really glad I came. I completely altered how I think of Autodesk."

Courage in the Workplace

Let's chat about #courage in the workplace. Join us live tomorrow @ 1pm EST. -- Being courageous isn't easy, especially in the workplace. Take it from Rita Giacalone, Director of Learning and Development at @Autodesk. After getting her doctorate in #Psychology and practicing independently for over 18 years, she decided to take a leap into the #CorporateWorld and join the team at Autodesk. Since then, she’s been spearheading the culture transformation and inspiring teams nationwide to be more courageous. Join Rita for a live Q&A; on how you can be more courageous at work, and how you can spearhead change in your own team and organization! See you on the chat!