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Using Public Relations Techniques to Enhance your Personal Brand

"Your #brand is the center of everything" says Allison Schroeder, owner of Pomme Communications. But how does one "brand" themselves in today's crowded market? 💡⤵️Ask Allison anything tomorrow afternoon, and hear her tips for using #PublicRelations techniques she's honed as an accredited public relations practitioner and entrepreneur, building a brand for herself and clients alike. 💡⤵️ Join the conversation on her Q&A page and we'll see you tomorrow @ 3pm EDT. 💡⤵️
S&P Global Inc

S&P Global Believes In Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Building a cupcake business in Brooklyn

At S&P Global, they believe empowering women entrepreneurs makes economies thrive. On April 28th, Brooklyn Cupcake filled an order of over 3,200 cupcakes to celebrate S&P Global's 1 year re-branding anniversary. At S&P Global, they tackle the challenges women face in launching and developing their businesses—from gender bias to systemic lack of access to capital—with the same skills and insights that make them effective in delivering essential intelligence to their clients. They promote the flow of resources and capital to enterprises owned and managed by women in three ways:- Leveraging their own unique business capabilities—data, technology, and insights.- Supporting partners that provide the women-owned small business sector with financial tools that meet the distinct needs of women.- Sharing their collective knowledge and experience with women entrepreneurs through employee-led mentorships.

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