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Debating on coming to the Virtual Career Fair tomorrow? Hear from one of Cameo's recent hires through PTF, Ashlee Crusco. "I joined PowerToFly after a Women in Tech meetup I attended a while back. I had never heard of Cameo until the career fair. I had been casually looking, keeping my options open since my company was having to downsize but then right around the time of the career fair our senior engineer quit. Knowing my job was secure I didn’t follow up with Julia when she reached out, luckily for me she tried again and more than once. One day she called and texted me (that made me feel like more than just 1 of many, Julia knew Cameo was perfect for me before I did!) and I happened to be out for a walk and we were able to connect. Cameo sounded like an amazing opportunity and I decided I had to give it a shot. Throughout the entire process Julia was so helpful and encouraging, I needed that and am so grateful for the nudges that she gave me throughout the process. Cameo is such a great fit for me, the size of the company and the focus on product are exactly what I was looking for, a good amount of the tech stack is newer to me so there is much opportunity to learn and grow. I have a non-traditional background (actor, bootcamp grad) and have a hard time getting “through the door” and then when I do there is a lot of imposter syndrome and doubt to fight through. I felt completely comfortable sharing my concerns and questions with Julia and she knew exactly how to help. Having a community like PowerToFly to make these connections is so helpful and from my experience throughout the interview process for Cameo, a recruiter who is willing and able to see more than my resume made all the difference." Check out our Virtual Career Fair happening tomorrow:

October 16 Virtual Job Fair: Cameo

Wondering who will be at our Virtual Job Fair tomorrow? Meet the representatives from Cameo, a marketplace where users can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite people. Join us from 12:00 - 3:00 PM EST! Register Today: