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Preparing Your Technical Resume to Land Interviews

Need help prepping your #TechnicalResume? If you're thinking about applying to a new position in 2020, you won't want to miss tomorrow's chat! Join April Starlight, Founder of Tangerine Search, for a breakdown of the best (and worst) technical resumes. She'll be answering all of your questions as well as sharing example resumes that will make your resume stand out among the sea of applicants in the new year. Land your #interviews! #CareerAdvice #PowerToFly #EmpoweringWomen

Defining Your Own Career Path

Chat with an expert tomorrow. TOPIC: Defining Your Own Career Path For so many professionals in today's competitive job market, the tension between wanting to do something good and wanting to be seen as being successful, is a heavy decision to make. Or, if you're anything like Susy Schöneberg, current Head of Flexport, you create your own path. Join Susy for a live Q&A to discover how she was able to create so much value for her organization that she was able to curate three separate roles sans job description. Sign up and submit your question today! #CareerAdvice #Flexport #PowerToFly

Is Your Remote Career Powered To Fly?

Is Your Remote Career Powered To Fly? Whether you're looking for your first virtual role, or if you're among the 99% who "would like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers," remote professionals face unique challenges when it comes to career development. Let's talk through those challenges and how to overcome them, to access a sustainable #remote career that works for you. -- ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Tammy Bjelland is the Founder and CEO of Workplaceless, an elearning company that trains teams on how to work, lead, grow, and thrive remotely. With her background in higher education, publishing, edtech, elearning, and corporate training, she is committed to developing learning solutions that drive and support the future of education and the future of work. #RemoteWork #RemoteJobs #CareerAdvice #DigitalNomad ⤵️

Working for a travel company like Vrbo is an opportunity many of us daydream about, but for Gabriela Gil it's her reality. Almost two years ago, Gabriela stepped out of her comfort zone and attended a PowerToFly networking event with #Vrbo - an event that included Vrbo's president, members of its executive team, and the CEO of Life at Expedia Group, Vrbo's parent company. A few months later, Gabriela landed a role at Vrbo as a #SoftwareEngineer II, where she enjoys travel perks, wellness and fitness reimbursements, 401k matching, stock options, and up to 20 weeks #MaternityLeave/#PaternityLeave. Read on to learn more about Gabriela, her experience with #PowerToFly, Vrbo's process, and their approach to #DiversityAndInclusion. #WorkPerks #CareerAdvice #Benefits #DiversityInTech ➡️ ⬅️

Hey dog lovers! Numerous studies have shown that dogs can relieve our stress and enhance our mood; plus, in an age where we struggle to disconnect from our phones and computers, dogs can help us feel more social and connected. So take a look at these companies and their open roles - you just might find yourself (and your dog) the job of your dreams! #DogFriendly #WorkLifeBalance #CareerAdvice ➡️ ⬅️