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Career Evolution: How to Reinvent Yourself In An Ever-Changing World

Thinking about a #careerchange? Join us 7/9 as we chat with the CEO & Senior Talent Manager of Kay & Black #AskThemAnything during live #QandA, and get their tips on everything from #impostersyndrome to #upskilling Register now!⬇️

Have you ever worked with a #recruiter? Noelle Johnson (My Interview Buddy) explains why recruiters are a great way to get an "in" for amazing opportunities, but keep your net wide open. "I have worked with recruiters as a candidate and worked as an in-house recruiter myself, and I have seen first-hand how having a good relationship with a good recruiter can make a monumental difference in your career. A great recruiter can help you make the connection you need to get an incredible job." - Noelle Johnson Read her advice on the blog! #PTFcommunity #CareerAdvice #CareerTips #Jobs #NewJob #CareerChange #DiversityAndInclusion ⤵️

Getting out of your OH F*CK Career Moment

Tomorrow's Chat & Learn is DSFW (Definitely Something for Work)! TOPIC: Getting out of your OH F*CK Career Moment. Career paths aren’t always linear. In fact, they’re usually not. Rare is the person who hasn’t thought “this isn’t my #DreamJob anymore,” or “I feel stuck,” or “what’s next?” In just 60 minutes, you'll get an introduction to the basics of Crabwalk's five-step framework for leveraging people you know to drive #CareerChange. You'll walk away with: ● Tips for identifying an ideal outcome or goal. ● Methods for overcoming challenges or hang-ups. ● Concrete next steps for following through. Attendees will also have the opportunity to share #SuccessStories and challenges, and to get their questions answered during a live Q&A with Carly and Laura! See you tomorrow! ⤵️

Some people decide to make a #CareerChange after working for a #ToxicBoss😱... Review this article to see if you can remedy your #WorkLifeBalance, or if it's time to bite the bullet and pivot. Read more on "How To Deal with a Toxic Boss" here:⤵️ #CareerAdvice #DiversityAndInclusion #PTFCommunity