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Verisign: How Do You Define Your Domain?

At Verisign, they know the best employees think of their career as their life's passion. In fact, Verisign's programs and benefits support their employees' pursuit of their passions.

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RapidSOS Builds Transformative Technology To Save Lives

Have you been looking for a company with a lifesaving mission?

If yes, then RapidSOS could be the perfect match for you!

Here's a quick intro to RapidSOS:

"We are RapidSOS — a team partnered with America's first responders and some of the largest technology companies globally to revolutionize safety, security, and wellness. Join us in transforming emergency communication and saving millions of lives."

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Thales Usa Inc.

Spotlight On Emma Barden, Senior Research Engineer at Thales

Below is an article originally written by PowerToFly Partner Thales, and published on October 5, 2017. Go to Thales' page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

Engineers find solutions to problems for almost every element of modern life which impacts the way we work and live. Emma Barden does just that. Working as a Senior Research Engineer at Thales Research and Technology, she tells us about her passion for taking things apart, her work at Thales and how we can overcome the skills shortage.

Emma – the big question: what inspired you to get into engineering?

I was one of those kids who collected bugs and was always taking things apart. It was a combination of things I enjoyed, making things work, and applying maths and science. This led to my decision to study Electronic and Communications Engineering at the University of Kent. If you like solving problems, you'll most likely fit the profile of an engineer.

What made you apply for a role at Thales?

I chose Thales because of the scope for growth and progression in terms of career. Working in the research field means that I have the ability to cut across into different domains to find solutions for a range of different products, many of which make a massive difference to how we live. I love my role at Thales as I get to be involved with a range of activities – for example STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) outreach is really important to me.

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on VHF (very high frequency) radio communications systems for aircraft, which is an existing platform. What I'm doing is working on making the hardware smaller, more cost effective, and better to use.

What does this technology mean to the end user – you and me?

If we can make radio systems on planes perform better, by making them more efficient, you can allow for more bandwidth to fit in the fun things like a greater selection of films to view whilst on board. You won't be compromising the safety of the pilot (and in turn the passengers on the plane!). Everyone wants to be able to connect to multiple devices, which aren't compatible and so part of my job is to overcome some of the most difficult engineering challenges, which keeps the work interesting!

What has been your proudest achievement during your career?

I am always proud of how much I have learnt, how every day I know a little bit more about how something works or why. It's good to realise when you can about a topic confidently, despite not even having heard of it a few months earlier!

What would be your dream project to work on?

Anything involved with changing the world and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge really excites me. Thales pushes boundaries with its research and development – we have the ability to create anything smarter, faster, and cheaper. I don't mind what it is, as long as it's the cutting edge!

Working to increase the number of women in engineering is a key business priority at Thales in the UK. We are continually supporting this initiative across the UK by working closely with local schools, providing inspiring examples of what women do in the engineering industry and demonstrate the different educational routes to get them there.


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