What are your salary expectations? Remember that knowledge is power in a negotiation, and you don't want to be handing that leverage over to your employer. By showing that you're confident, thoughtful, and prepared, you'll impress hiring managers with your ability to stand your ground. Read more and join the conversation on the blog. #CareerTips #CareerAdvice #PTFcommunity ➡️ ⬅️

Hey #parents! Got mom guilt? Join the conversation. Put the kids to bed and invite a friend to join you virtually! Mark your calendars for our free virtual Parents’ Panel 8pm EDT. OCT 29. You’ll be able to ask these experts ANYTHING during this free, virtual conversation on #PowerToFly! ⤵️ --- TOPIC: Addressing Mom Guilt. In this panel, we’re breaking down the stigma that comes with being a “working parent” and addressing the #guilt that so many of us feel during both situations - at work wishing you were home, and at home thinking about work. Deena Campbell, Senior Lifestyle + Experts Editor at Motherly Debi Yadegari, Founder and CEO of MommaWork Christine Rushing, Founder and CEO of Milky Mama, LLC #workingmoms #workingdads #transparency #inclusion #diversity #livechat #workinmoms #CareerAdvice #CareerTips

If you're in #Brooklyn this evening, our friends at Bumble bizz and FEED Projects are hosting our #cofounder for a night of live Q&A. TOPIC ⤵️ Women At Work. Katharine Zaleski will answer your questions in-person and share knowledge as it relates to #PowerToFly's manifesto! # #CareerAdvice #CareerTips #Inclusion #WomenLeaders Check the info here and we'll see you tonight! ⤵️

Have you ever worked with a #recruiter? Noelle Johnson (My Interview Buddy) explains why recruiters are a great way to get an "in" for amazing opportunities, but keep your net wide open. "I have worked with recruiters as a candidate and worked as an in-house recruiter myself, and I have seen first-hand how having a good relationship with a good recruiter can make a monumental difference in your career. A great recruiter can help you make the connection you need to get an incredible job." - Noelle Johnson Read her advice on the blog! #PTFcommunity #CareerAdvice #CareerTips #Jobs #NewJob #CareerChange #DiversityAndInclusion ⤵️