How Can CS And Sales Work Better Together?

Attention #CustomerSuccess and #Sales people! 🤑🤑😎🤑🤑 Don't miss tomorrow's live chat! TOPIC: How Can CS And Sales Work Better Together? There's a lot of discussion around how Sales and Customer Success fit within an organization. Are they separate teams? Does CS fall under Sales? What about customer support? There are a number of different combinations, but regardless of what your organization looks like, the relationship between sales and CS is crucial to business success. During this live Q&A, we're diving into the value of customer success, how to foster the sales + CS relationship, and how these two departments play a crucial role in business. We still have a spot for you! Join us here ⤵️

Why Customer Success Is Critical For a SAAS Company - The Role Of Women In Customer Success

Let's talk #CustomerSuccess. 😎🎉 Join our free Chat & Learn tomorrow, 3pm EDT. ✔️ABOUT THE CHAT: In SAAS, products are changing faster than ever thanks to the evolution of technology. It's safe to say the best way to keep a customer happy during the customer journey is to provide them with the best customer service possible - and this starts with a great customer success program. ✔️ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Join Kamakshi Narasimhan, Senior Director of Technical Success at Netskope for a live Q&A to understand the inter-workings of a SAAS Customer Success team, and the role women play in #CS! Submit your question and join us live. ⤵️