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Microsoft Corporation

Watch Our Virtual Event with Leaders in the Microsoft Azure Data Organization

On April 30th, PowerToFly closed out the month by hosting a virtual event featuring some of the inspiring female leaders and male allies being the Microsoft Azure Data organization.


Hosted by PowerToFly's Lauren Hagerty, speakers from Microsoft included:

  • Sonali Gururaja, Partner Group Engineering Manager
  • Elnata Degefa, Principal Software Engineering Manager
  • Yadi Reyes, Software Engineer II
  • Amy Yuan, Principal Group Engineering Manager
  • Kati Iceva, Principal Group Software Engineering Manager
  • Zella Henderson, Senior Software Engineer
  • Ashwin Shrinivas, Partner Director Engineering
To learn more about Microsoft, including their open roles, just visit their page on PowerToFly.


We're excited about tomorrow's chat with another #WomanLeader. Carly Villareal is the head of #DataScience and #Analytics at Nextdoor. TOPIC: What Type Of Data Scientist Are You? A #DataScientist role can mean a lot of different things, and it's important to make sure your own expectations around the job are aligned with what the role is actually looking for. How do you figure out where on the spectrum of "data science" the role actually is, and how do you think about your own skills and career aspirations in the #data world? Join us for this live, virtual Q&A to find out! ⤵️

*LIVE* Data Hour 9/24

Tomorrow's Chat & Learn is still open. Sign up and submit your questions today! ➡️ TOPIC: *LIVE* DATA HOUR Are you working on a technical project and could use some help? Is your #data just not making sense and you'd love a second opinion? Does your #code have you seeing stars? Join our virtual data hour and bring all of your tricky questions - we'll work through the answers together! Barbara is an expert in: #Excel #Tableau #Qlik #Python #R #JavaScript #SQL ➡️ MEET THE SPEAKER: Barbara is a #DataAnalytics expert with a Bachelor's in Applied Statistics and a demonstrated history of working in the industry. She previously held a position as a #BusinessAnalyst at an insurance company where she primarily served the needs of the organization’s #marketing department. She also worked for a #statistician analyzing a variety of corporate, government, and nonprofit datasets. Barbara is currently the President of Boxplot​, a consulting firm that produces accurate, data-driven results for corporate clients. She also teaches for General Assembly.

*LIVE* Data Hour 7/25

Is your #data just not making sense and you'd love a second opinion? Does your #code have you seeing stars?🤖⚠️✨ Bring your tricky questions to tomorrow's virtual chat. We'll work through the answers together! Our awesome guest speaker is an expert in: ✔️Excel ✔️Tableau ✔️Qlik ✔️Python ✔️R ✔️JavaScript ✔️SQL Join us tomorrow at 3pm EST here ⤵️