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We're excited about tomorrow's chat with another #WomanLeader. Carly Villareal is the head of #DataScience and #Analytics at Nextdoor. TOPIC: What Type Of Data Scientist Are You? A #DataScientist role can mean a lot of different things, and it's important to make sure your own expectations around the job are aligned with what the role is actually looking for. How do you figure out where on the spectrum of "data science" the role actually is, and how do you think about your own skills and career aspirations in the #data world? Join us for this live, virtual Q&A to find out! ⤵️

Taking The Lead & Disrupting The Industry As Women In Tech

Ready for tomorrow's Chat & Learn? ➡️TOPIC: Taking The Lead & Disrupting The Industry As Women In Tech. ➡️We don't need to lay out all of the barriers women are facing in the technology, rather, we're here to talk about the solutions. ➡️Wendy Foster, #DirectorofEngineering, #DataScience, and #Analytics at PagerDuty is joining us for some real talk about how we, as women, can take the lead and disrupt the tech industry. Ask Wendy anything in this live Q&A! Join the conversation here⤵️

Mastering the Data Science Interview

Ready for tomorrow's Chat & Learn? If you're thinking about starting a career in #DataScience, this is the chat to join! ABOUT THE HOST: Erin Akinci, Data Science Manager at Asana, is sharing insights on how you can master the data science #interview as both a hiring manager and candidate! WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: -How to find compatible roles. -How to prep for the interview. -How to follow-up appropriately. Sign up today and ask your question - she'll answer it live during the chat! ⤵️

2019 Best Online Coding Bootcamps

Ready to put your #coding skills to the test? Check out these top online #CodingBootcamps (SwitchUp approved) offering a range of subjects such as #WebDevelopment, #DataScience, & #CyberSecurity. 😎11 of these schools guarantee jobs after graduation.