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USB’s are a different kind of dark magic 😂 #Repost @she_codes_community ・・・ Inserting a usb be like:😂 #coding #programminghumour #codingdays #code #programming #programminghumour #developer ##developerlife #usb #shecodes #shecodescommunity #girlswhocode #womenwhocode #java #python #JAVASCRIPT

Guess who is #hiring? Here's a clue: They're a five-year-old, fully funded financial technology startup based in NYC that’s doing cool stuff. (*ahem...It's Alloy!) Join our live Chat & Learn with a woman expert from their team. She's a #fullstack #developer ready to give tips on breaking the #FinTech stereotype! When: Tomorrow 3pm Where: Virutally (check the link below) Btw, their #benefits & #perks include: ✔Flexible PTO plan encourages team members to take time off so they come back refreshed ✔Premium medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their dependents ✔Up to 10 weeks #ParentalLeave options and support in returning to work ✔Flexible work hours to accommodate your needs ✔Memorable team events, retreats, and off-sites ✔Conveniently located office (New York’s Chinatown) ✔Pet-friendly work environment and more! Sign up for the chat and apply today!

Breaking The FinTech Stereotype

#RealTalk Women are controlling upwards of: 🗣80% of consumer spending, 🗣60% of the nation's wealth, and 🗣44% are their households primary breadwinners. But when you look inside the number of women represented in FinTech companies (the companies creating the technology and programming to support banking and financial services) women make up a mere 37%. =😡😡😡😡😡😡 How can we get more women into FinTech and break the "FinTech Stereotype"? Better yet, how can we get more underrepresented people, in general, involved in FinTech? Join Leigh Blechman, a #Fullstack #Developer at Alloy who's making waves at her organization, for a virtual Q&A to discuss how you can help diversify the FinTech space, and join an inclusive organization like Alloy! Join the digital conversation and sign up for Wednesday's *live* chat:

Frontend Developer

#RemoteJob Alert! 🎉 ROLE: #Frontend #Developer #WorkPerks & #Benefits: ⏰Flexible work hours - "We all have families." 🍼12 weeks paid parental leave. ☺️ Top notch healthcare plan. + more! THE COMPANY: Faculty is a design and technology studio dedicated to building a better web. Learn more and apply today⤵️