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Work From Home

Prep For Your Next Remote Interview With These Tips From DigitalOcean Hiring Manager, Archana Kamath

Looking for your next role? In the age of remote interviewing, DigitalOcean has a leg up — they've been doing just that for years!

Archana Kamath, Senior Engineering Manager at DigitalOcean, was kind enough to share some general tips for remote interviews, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the interview process at DigitalOcean!

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Today's the Virtual Remote Job Fair!!

TODAY'S THE DAY!! Join us for live presentations + #QandA from companies #stillhiring for #remotejobs! 🛋️ 💻 Starting at 11 AM and running until 2 PM ET, drop in for a few minutes or stick around to check out multiple #remotecompanies! Chat live with hiring teams from StockX, Dataquest, ReCharge, DigitalOcean, & Quip!

My Experience Working In A Male-Dominated Environment

Are you starting a #careerintech & nervous about being the #tokenwoman in the office? Join us 4/21 at 3PM ET for a #virtual #QandA with an #expert! Kinsey Durham is an #engineer with DigitalOcean - come get her tips for navigating the field with #confidence and #askheranything live! Free registration here⬇️

Making the move from an in-office role to #workingfromhome isn't easy, especially if you're not properly prepared with the tools and resources to be successful. Join Alisha KC, a Software Engineer at DigitalOcean to learn her tips and tricks for making this transition an easy one, and crush your #workfromhome goals from the beginning! Watch the full 📽️ here⬇️

She found a remote job at DigitalOcean - why shouldn't you be next?

Are you looking for a remote opportunity? PowerToFly helped Veronica find her perfect fit - let us do the same for you! We know you want job opportunities that are flexible and allow you to grow professionally while still taking care of other priorities. Listen to Verónica Lopez's story, while she tells us how she found her dream job at DigitalOcean through PowerToFly, and what it means to her quality of life to be able to bring herself to work every day. Why are you looking for a remote opportunity? Leave us your comment below!