She found a remote job at DigitalOcean - why shouldn't you be next?

Are you looking for a remote opportunity? PowerToFly helped Veronica find her perfect fit - let us do the same for you! We know you want job opportunities that are flexible and allow you to grow professionally while still taking care of other priorities. Listen to Verónica Lopez's story, while she tells us how she found her dream job at DigitalOcean through PowerToFly, and what it means to her quality of life to be able to bring herself to work every day. Why are you looking for a remote opportunity? Leave us your comment below!

If you're looking for #EngineeringInternships that will give you the chance to take on real responsibility in a supportive environment, read on to learn why DigitalOcean might be the perfect place for you! We recently sat down with Varsha Varadarajan to learn more about how she balances work and school, why she was drawn to #DigitalOcean, and the support and opportunities she's received at this early stage of her career. She interned for two months over the summer in their New York Office, and now she's continuing to work #remotely as a part-time engineering intern while she studies. #Internship #NailedIt #CareerAdvice #DiversityAndInclusion #DiversityInTech Read the full #interview here ⤵️

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Topic: From 0 to 100 - Everything You Need To Know About Scaling Your Team (and Organization!)

Mark you calendar! Tomorrow's live virtual Chat & Learn is sure to be a treat! ⤵️ TOPIC: From 0 to 100 - Everything You Need To Know About Scaling Your Team (and Organization!) Whether you're adding one person or one-hundred people to your team - scaling isn't easy. Shweta Saraf has been an integral part of scaling both small and large organizations while investing in each individuals career success. Join this hour-long live Q&A; to learn Shweta's tips for hiring, training and nurturing new team members while maintaining the culture your organization needs to thrive. ⤵️ MEET THE EXPERT: Shweta Saraf is an Engineering Leader who is passionate about People and Technology. Currently she is the Head of Cloud Networking at DigitalOcean where she grew her team from 3 to ~35 in less than 3 years. Shweta loves bringing open, diverse and inclusive culture to her teams and supporting STEM and was founder of Women in Science and Engineering at Cisco. She was recognized by YMCA, Silicon Valley in 2015 as Emerging Leader and also currently sits on Forbes Technology Council. ⤵️ Join the chat and submit your questions today!