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Think Globally, Act Remotely: How to Lead a Global Team During Pandemic Conditions

Looking for better ways to lead your #remoteteam? Netskope's Sr. Director, Security, and Intelligence Operations is here to help! Join us TOMORROW at 3PM ET for a #virtualchat with Araceli to learn her approach to #teambuilding and engagement. Plus #askheranything during the live #QandA! Free registration⬇️

Managing Personal Finances During this Period of Great Uncertainty

Are you worried about making the right #financialchoices for today and the uncertain future? You're not alone! Join us 5/26 at 2 PM ET for a live, #QandA with Judy Ward. She's a veteran #financialplanner with T. Rowe Price and will be helping us narrow the #financialgap most women experience as well as be prepared for any uncertainty that may come our way (#murderhornets anyone?). Sign up now!

OFFICE HOURS: Engineering With Empathy

#Engineers don't tend to think about #empathy as an important part of building #software, but Jossie wants to change that mentality. Join us 5/27 at 12 PM ET for #OfficeHours to learn how this #softskill will help you create better products AND cohesive #teams! 💻 Jossie has an extensive background in supporting the creation of innovative, consumer-facing products. And now she'll be answering your questions during our live, virtual #QandA! 🙋 🎤 Free registration ⬇️

Allyship & Advocacy: What WOC Want White Women to Know

Are you being an inclusive & intersectional ally? Or is your support actually hogging the 🎤? If your answer is 🤷 , it's time to check your privilege, AND THEN use it for good! Join us 5/25 at 1PM ET for #expertadvice on micro-actions you can take to help #WOC - plus Kay will be answering your questions LIVE on this #virtualchat Free registration ⬇️ Sign up TODAY!

Meet The Leaders of Surescripts Making a Nationwide Impact

Join our #VirtualNetworkingEvent with Surescripts on Thursday, May 21st and hear about their life-changing projects, diversity efforts, career advice, and more with the company’s women leaders and allies! 🤩 #PowerToFlyEvent Free registration⬇️