Intro to SQL

Ready for tomorrow's (free) virtual chat? ****TOPIC**** Intro to SQL Have you heard about SQL but aren't quite sure what it is or how to get started? This seminar will start with the basics, including a high-level overview of what SQL is, how it's used, and why people use it. We'll also write some basic SQL code together and have time for questions! ****MEET THE EXPERT***** Barbara is a #DataAnalytics expert with a Bachelor's in Applied Statistics and a demonstrated history of working in the industry. She previously held a position as a Business Analyst at an insurance company where she primarily served the needs of the organization’s marketing department. She also worked for a statistician analyzing a variety of corporate, government, and nonprofit datasets. Barbara is currently the President of Boxplot Analytics, a consulting firm that produces accurate, data-driven results for corporate clients. She also teaches for General Assembly, and is an expert in #Excel, #Tableau, #Qlik, #Python, #R, #JavaScript, and #SQL. Submit your questions and join us tomorrow!

How To Get More Leads That Actually Convert

Chat with an expert tomorrow! TOPIC: How To Get More Leads That Actually Convert "I have more than enough leads..." said no company ever. For businesses to accelerate to success in a global landscape, it requires sustainable brand positioning that merges with innovation, allowing those who follow this formula to become the pioneers who define new levels of success. If you are interested in ending #Q4 with a bang, solidifying your lead list, and stepping out from the pack, join Brooke Hart, Founder of Brooke Hart Consulting for this live Q&A on how to get more leads that actually convert!

Supporting a Parent’s Return to Work

#WorkingParents & #employers who want to share an open dialogue with #WorkingMoms & #WorkingDads, join tomorrow's live virtual chat! TOPIC: Supporting a Parent’s Return to Work According to a survey of 1,000 working mothers conducted by British magazine MMB, more than a third (37 percent) felt so unsupported and isolated when they returned to work that they wanted to quit. Debi Yadegari, Founder and CEO of MommaWork is out to change this statistic. Debi has created an organization dedicated to helping employers better support their working parents, all while improving their bottom line. Join this live, virtual Q&A and ask Debi anything about how you can lower turnover, absenteeism, healthcare costs and improve employee satisfaction by implementing a few basic principles that change the game for working parents.

*LIVE* Profile Review With PowerToFly Career Coach 11/14

Want to get your #LinkedIn and #PowerToFly profiles reviewed by a career coach… for free? Then join us for tomorrow's live virtual chat with PowerToFly’s Career Coach, Heather Coll, for the chance to get her expert tips on how to make your profiles stand out to recruiters! How can I get my profile reviewed by Heather, Live? ✔Register for this chat ✔Join the call early ✔Share the link to your profile in the chat ✔The profile will be selected randomly at 3:01!

Let's Talk About Financial Wellness

Let's talk about #FinancialWellness. Do you want to start building a successful financial future? In many ways, women are at a disadvantage from birth, today making 80.7 cents for every dollar a man makes, not considering the time we may take to raise children, or take care of aging parents that put us at a financial disadvantage. Stacia Morris is here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way. Not only is Stacia a #FinancialAdvisor, but she also authored Teen Money 101 (featured on ABC) and speaks about how women can build their financial future at any age. Join Stacia for this virtual conversation and ask her anything about financial wellness!