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Trans people experience high rates of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. "The National Center for Transgender Equality survey describes harassment at work as “a near-universal experience” for transgender and gender non-conforming employees, with 90 percent of respondents reporting that they had been harassed at work or forced to take “protective actions” (like hiding their gender identity) in order to avoid harassment." - Bustle #TransRights are #HumanRights #DiversityInTech #Inclusion #LGBTQ #CareerOpportunities

Working for a travel company like Vrbo is an opportunity many of us daydream about, but for Gabriela Gil it's her reality. Almost two years ago, Gabriela stepped out of her comfort zone and attended a PowerToFly networking event with #Vrbo - an event that included Vrbo's president, members of its executive team, and the CEO of Life at Expedia Group, Vrbo's parent company. A few months later, Gabriela landed a role at Vrbo as a #SoftwareEngineer II, where she enjoys travel perks, wellness and fitness reimbursements, 401k matching, stock options, and up to 20 weeks #MaternityLeave/#PaternityLeave. Read on to learn more about Gabriela, her experience with #PowerToFly, Vrbo's process, and their approach to #DiversityAndInclusion. #WorkPerks #CareerAdvice #Benefits #DiversityInTech ➡️ ⬅️

Some of you are waiting for 2020...some are ready for a #NewJob now! In that case, check out these **best work-from-home jobs** to apply to in 2019. >> List recently updated. ⭐ With 10 #FullTime roles you didn't know you could do #remotely! #CareerPivot #NewJobs #NowHiring #DiversityAndInclusion #GenderGap #DiversityInTech ➡️ ⬅️

If you're looking for #EngineeringInternships that will give you the chance to take on real responsibility in a supportive environment, read on to learn why DigitalOcean might be the perfect place for you! We recently sat down with Varsha Varadarajan to learn more about how she balances work and school, why she was drawn to #DigitalOcean, and the support and opportunities she's received at this early stage of her career. She interned for two months over the summer in their New York Office, and now she's continuing to work #remotely as a part-time engineering intern while she studies. #Internship #NailedIt #CareerAdvice #DiversityAndInclusion #DiversityInTech Read the full #interview here ⤵️