Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today's virtual chat is going to rock your world! TOPIC ⤵️ Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Are you someone who constantly plays it safe in life or are you more of a risk-taker? Whether it's trying out a new restaurant or moving halfway across the world to start a #NewCareer, stepping outside your comfort zone can be frightening, but magical. "Once you take a risk, everything else in life seems to just fall into place" - says Smitha Prasad, Senior Manager of Product Development at F5 Networks. As someone who's taken plenty of risks in her career, she knows the value of a calculated risk, and wants to empower you to make more "risky" decisions in your career. Ask Smitha anything in this live, virtual Q&A!

Code Tasting: Data and Algorithms

Ready for today's virtual chat with a #coding expert? TOPIC: Code Tasting: Data and Algorithms. Learning to code has become a phenomenon - and we couldn't be more elated! However, it can be discouraging to see that many virtual programs require at LEAST a weeks’ long commitment, and #bootcamps/ academic classes cost a lot. Research in #ComputerScience education suggests that having even a minimal background before taking the dive into formal instruction is beneficial, as is getting the right start. Ursula Wolz, PhD, has been teaching introductory coding for over 30 years using innovate classroom techniques. She invented a conceptual model called ‘DAHLIA’ that stands for ‘Data’, ‘Algorithms’, ‘Heuristics’, ‘Logic’, ‘Interface’ and ‘Abstraction' which we'll be covering virtually, on PowerToFly! This three-part series introduces these concepts in three lessons as well as suggestions for further work. Using the P5.js online framework, participants will dive into code within five minutes of the first session. A ‘homework’ challenge will be given at the end of the session for those who want to take things further, along with access for time with Ursula if needed! Submit your questions and join the conversation! ⤵️

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