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Prep For Your Next Interview With These Tips From a Lattice Recruiter

Danielle Klebanov, Recruiting Manager at Lattice, was kind enough to share some general tips for #remoteinterviews, as well as a #behindthescenes look at the #interviewprocess at Lattice! Lattice believes that good #performancemanagement is critical for companies and employees to be successful. "By helping companies streamline their performance #management processes, we hope to give people the best parts of performance management. At our best, we help people get the #feedback they need to grow, know where they stand, and have a clear idea of how their work moves their organization forward. People spend most of their waking hours at work - our goal is to make those hours better."

The Importance Of Feedback In The Workplace

Ready for today's live chat? Topic: The Importance Of Feedback In The Workplace #Feedback is what makes the workplace go-round - knowing where one is excelling and where one can improve, all while clarifying expectations and goals is key to building a healthy workplace culture (not to mention a successful one!). With the new year upon us, #ProjectManager, Khafilat Adewole and #PMO Manager, Adelle Lashbrook of CISCO are joining PowerToFly for a special chat to break down why feedback is so important in the workplace, and what you can do to give and receive feedback more effectively! Learn more about our guest speakers, and sign up with the link below! ⤵️

How We Work At Plex: Feedback

Below is an article originally written by Schuyler Ullman, Engineering Director at PowerToFly Partner Plex, and published on March 12, 2018. Go to Plex's page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

At Plex, we believe in the value of feedback and we try to foster a kind and open culture where people are encouraged to give each other a well-rounded mix of kudos, constructive criticism, and virtual high fives. One of the core pillars of this feedback culture is a biannual 360º review process where everyone gets a chance to provide feedback for people throughout the organization, both highlighting strengths and offering constructive commentary on areas for improvement. And these aren't the kind of reviews that get distilled down to a number in some spreadsheet—these are dialogues. My favorite comment, from a recent hire after their first review cycle, summed it up: