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Our free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting — The Fiscal Femme

How's your #FinancialHealth? Get this free downloadable spreadsheet for budgeting from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. -- "When we know what we want to be happening with our money (having a spending plan) and then track where our money is going (following through with that plan), it’s actually hugely liberating." #FinancialWellness #Budget #Productivity #Freedom ⤵️

A five step plan to putting together a budget (and why I hate the word!) — The Fiscal Femme

Let's talk about #FinancialWellness. 💰💰💰 Step 1: Swap the term #budget for "happiness allocation" instead. -- "A happiness allocation is a much more fitting term for a budget because it’s just a plan to allocate our money in the ways that are going to make us the happiest in the short and long-term. While we often think of budgets as restrictive or limiting our fun, they are usually the opposite and give us tremendous freedom. " Get more tips & tricks from our friends at The Fiscal Femme. ⤵️

Let's Talk About Financial Wellness

Let's talk about #FinancialWellness. Do you want to start building a successful financial future? In many ways, women are at a disadvantage from birth, today making 80.7 cents for every dollar a man makes, not considering the time we may take to raise children, or take care of aging parents that put us at a financial disadvantage. Stacia Morris is here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way. Not only is Stacia a #FinancialAdvisor, but she also authored Teen Money 101 (featured on ABC) and speaks about how women can build their financial future at any age. Join Stacia for this virtual conversation and ask her anything about financial wellness!