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She Was Hired After Attending A PowerToFly Event - Here Are Her Tips

A Q&A with Rachel Cohen, A Software Engineer At Dow Jones

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Rachel Cohen, a Software Engineer at Dow Jones, spent the first decade of her career in journalism and recently landed the career of her dreams after attending a PowerToFly event! If you're currently pivoting your career, in the trenches of a coding bootcamp, amidst your first technical interview, or have been rejected once or twice, don't be discouraged!

"The letdowns and rejections are experiences that will make you better in every aspect," Rachel says. Keep reading to hear more about Rachel's journey and if you're interested in learning more about careers at Dow Jones? Click here to 'Follow' them on PowerToFly!


Meet the team at Symantec (And they want to meet you too).

"I love the people I work with. They are great, they are brilliant and they are fun to hang out with." - Aletha Parker-Wood, Senior Principal Research Engineer & Manager

Symantec cares about equality, inclusion and supporting its employees. But don't take my word for it! Check out this short video featuring members of Symantec's diverse team.

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