End your #interview on a strong note! Here are 6 unique questions to ask at the end of an interview plus red flags to keep in mind! --- #1 Where do you see the company/department in the next 3-5 years? #2 What are some of the biggest challenges you see this company/department facing this year? #3 After the initial on-boarding, what would be the very first thing you'd like the person in this role to tackle? Get more tips from My Interview Buddy on the blog! ➡️ ⬅️

Do you have a #remote #interview scheduled? Interviews for #RemoteJobs can be challenging no matter which side of the screen you're on - as an employer or an applicant. So we laid out 4 key remote interview tips to keep in mind, whether you're assessing if a candidate has the creativity and independence to work remotely, or if you're trying to convince a recruiter that you've got what it takes to work from home. Check out our tips and suggest a couple more on the blog! ➡️ ⬅️

If you're looking for #EngineeringInternships that will give you the chance to take on real responsibility in a supportive environment, read on to learn why DigitalOcean might be the perfect place for you! We recently sat down with Varsha Varadarajan to learn more about how she balances work and school, why she was drawn to #DigitalOcean, and the support and opportunities she's received at this early stage of her career. She interned for two months over the summer in their New York Office, and now she's continuing to work #remotely as a part-time engineering intern while she studies. #Internship #NailedIt #CareerAdvice #DiversityAndInclusion #DiversityInTech Read the full #interview here ⤵️

Launching A Successful Career In IT

Chat with an expert tomorrow. Topic ➡️ Launching A Successful Career In IT. Information Technology is becoming an increasingly popular career path... so much so that the industry currently employs over 5.7 million workers and counting. But why is a career in IT a good choice for women? Better yet, what should women in the industry come to expect and avoid? What's the #interview process like? Join Lyudmila Fokina, a Senior Software Engineer at OneLogin, for a virtual Q&A to answer these questions and more, live! ⤵️

Mastering the Data Science Interview

Ready for tomorrow's Chat & Learn? If you're thinking about starting a career in #DataScience, this is the chat to join! ABOUT THE HOST: Erin Akinci, Data Science Manager at Asana, is sharing insights on how you can master the data science #interview as both a hiring manager and candidate! WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: -How to find compatible roles. -How to prep for the interview. -How to follow-up appropriately. Sign up today and ask your question - she'll answer it live during the chat! ⤵️