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#DiverseTeams are more efficient and produce more #revolutionary work - but how do you foster #inclusiveenvironments? According to Minda Harts, Founder & CEO of The Memo, it starts with #leadership - and not just leading from the top down! Check out our discussion with Minda on how everyone can be a leader in their organization and take charge to make more #inclusivespaces. Watch here!

Coaching & Supporting Female Engineers Into Leadership

Ever wondered why there aren't more #WomenInLeadership? There's a lot of factors at play, but the most common is that women aren't frequently #empowered to reach those positions. In this Office Hours, we'll discuss how to support and coach #womeninengineering to take the leap into #leadership and handle the challenges they are facing - like family status, lack of sponsors, non-inclusive environments, lack of peer support, and missed opportunities. Join us 6/11 - sign-up & submit your questions today!

Career Transition: Setting And Sticking To Non-Negotiables

Transitioning Careers? Not sure how to ask for what you need? See how Femgineer managed to get what she needed while changing careers.

Remote Work Resources For Employees And Employers

Looking for your first remote job, and wondering what you need to do differently? Check out these helpful remote work resources from Femgineer to help you with your transition! #remotework #transition #education #resources
S&P Global Inc

Women are Essential in Leadership

Female leaders at S&P Global share perspectives that fuel their success. Relationship building. Inspiration. Support network. Facing failure. The long view. These are essential elements of the entrepreneurial spirit, and are often used by successful people to set ideas in motion and to grow and develop—both personally and professionally. Here, five S&P Global female leaders discuss their journeys to success, lessons they've learned along the way, and how they embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

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