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I Look Like An Engineer: Bringing Your Full Self To STEM

What does an #Engineer look like? 👥 👥 👥 👥 Better yet, how can those interested in #STEM break the current mold while launching fulfilling careers and remaining true to themselves? For Jessica Johnson and Chloe Edeal, #SoftwareEngineers at Manifold, bringing their full self to work each day is key - and they're thankful to be a part of an organization that encourages this! We invite you to join Jessica and Chloe for a live *virtual* Q&A tomorrow. You'll learn: ✔️ How they broke the mold and became engineers. ✔️ How they landed their current roles thanks to PowerToFly! ✔️ Their honest answers to all of your questions. Learn more and join the conversation here:

Culture at Manifold

How Gender Neutral Job Descriptions, Remote Opportunities, and Empathy Help Manifold Thrive

Ever read a job description and felt discouraged from applying? Or received a salary offer that just felt unfair? There are a lot of companies that show gender bias in job descriptions and offer non-competitive salaries... without even realizing they're doing it.

That's why remote-reliant cloud-computing company Manifold goes to such great lengths to ensure that they eliminate implicit bias from each step of their hiring process and offer fair salaries on par with industry standards (which is hugely important in tackling the gender pay gap, given that women are much more likely to accept low or unfair salaries than men).


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