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A Corporate Nightmare: What I Learned Being a Black Breastfeeding New Mom

Calista knows first-hand that not all #maternityleave policies are equal - and for some employees, that policy can turn your dream of #parenthood into a #careernightmare. 🤰🏾 Join us 8/12 to hear how she handled her #career & being a #firsttimemom - plus #askheranything during live #QandA! Sign up now!⬇️

Working for a travel company like Vrbo is an opportunity many of us daydream about, but for Gabriela Gil it's her reality. Almost two years ago, Gabriela stepped out of her comfort zone and attended a PowerToFly networking event with #Vrbo - an event that included Vrbo's president, members of its executive team, and the CEO of Life at Expedia Group, Vrbo's parent company. A few months later, Gabriela landed a role at Vrbo as a #SoftwareEngineer II, where she enjoys travel perks, wellness and fitness reimbursements, 401k matching, stock options, and up to 20 weeks #MaternityLeave/#PaternityLeave. Read on to learn more about Gabriela, her experience with #PowerToFly, Vrbo's process, and their approach to #DiversityAndInclusion. #WorkPerks #CareerAdvice #Benefits #DiversityInTech ➡️ ⬅️

Google is looking to diversify its global team. Some #Benefits and #WorkPerks Include: ⭐ #MaternityLeave & #PaternityLeave ⭐Industry-leading healthcare ⭐Savings and investments support ⭐Giving programs ⭐Flexible Working arrangements (Part-time Opportunities) ⭐Educational resources and reimbursement programs ⭐Employee Resource Groups ⭐Discounts on products and services Open Roles Include: 🎯Client Manager 🎯Data Analyst 🎯Head of Marketing 🎯Behavioral Scientist 🎯Analyst Linguist 🎯Public Policy Manager 🎯Project Manager 🎯And more! Follow #Google on #PowerToFly to learn more and apply. ➡️ ⬅️

Preparing For Maternity Leave - And What To Expect When Coming Back

Tomorrow's Chat & Learn about #MaternityLeave prep is sure to be one for the records! ⚪️For any expectant mother, it's nearly impossible to feel fully prepared to go on #MaternityLeave. ⚪️For expectant mothers at high-growth #startups, or women in managerial or c-level roles, this stress is compelled with the notion that the company and team you're leaving will not be the same upon your return. ⚫️Martha Dreiling, Head of #Analytics and Corporate Operations at Attune wants you to know that that's ok! ⚫️Martha has been in your shoes, and is joining PowerToFly to chat about how you can adequately prepare for #MaternityLeave, what you can expect upon return, and how to support your team throughout the process. ➡️Submit your questions and join the conversation here⤵️