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Mind Over Matter: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

When we think about D&I, we have to consider #diversity of thought. This starts with understanding your own #mentalhealth and having an open relationship with the good and bad. Join us 5/15 at 3 PM EDT for a live, virtual #QandA with Arielle Zwang. She's a Cyber Defense Consulting Senior Analyst with Accenture whose OCD became a huge advantage in her career as an #ethicalhacker. Free registration now⬇️

It's time to talk about #MentalHealth in the workplace again. By popular demand, Candace Ramirez, Founder of Full Cup Copy, is joining us to re-visit the seemingly taboo topic of mental health in the workplace, and address how managers, supervisors, and culture creators can help build supportive working environments for people with mental health issues. If you've struggled with mental health issues at work, are looking to support your employees, or build a more #inclusive #WorkEnvironment, this is the chat to join! Join the conversation tomorrow by calling in *live* ⤵️

How do you navigate #MentalHealth & #EmotionalHealth in the workplace? Today's free virtual chat features psychotherapist Laurie Sharp-Page. She's ready to answer your questions *live* and will be providing tips to help you improve your confidence, deal with annoying coworkers, and find happiness in the mundane day-to-day responsibilities of your current role. Dial in at 3pm EDT! ⬇️

Navigating PTSD & Other Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Let's talk about #MentalHealth at work. Join us for a live virtual chat & learn tomorrow (Wednesday July, 26) for tips on discussing mental health at work from Content Creator Candace Ramirez, who has learned how to navigate job searches and her career while managing #PTSD. Whether you do it with #code, writing, or an #ElevatorPitch, crafting a compelling narrative is one of the best ways to advance your #career. Mental health is a key part of all of our personal narratives, but it's something we often feel we have to keep separate from our professional lives. Submit your questions now for Candace to answer live tomorrow.